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    Zoeva Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette

    When I opened the Zoeva Sweet Glamour Eyeshadow Palette*, I can’t deny it. I was internally squealing over how beautiful it appeared. I know that I’m someone who is definitely a neutral eyeshadow girl. But, if you know anything about me, I am obsessed with pastel nail polishes and pastel in general. This palette looks like something that could pull me out of my everyday makeup looks, and it really excites me.

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    Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes

    Strobe products are foreign territory to me, especially shades as bold as these. They are quite beautiful though so I still wanted to give them a shot. How’d I go and what do I think of them? Well, keep reading to find out my thoughts on the relatively new Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes*.


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    Zoeva Brow Spectrum Palette

    The Zoeva Brow Spectrum Palette is packed with 9 incredibly buttery, smooth and pigmented eyebrow powders. Think Zoeva eyeshadows, but for your brows. Heck, you could probably use this entire palette for eyeshadows too!

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    Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette

    Last month, you would have seen that I received an insanely generous and beautiful package from Zoeva. This package contained a whole bunch of recent releases, which you can see here. One of the products that you guys desperately wanted to see, was the Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette.


    Zoeva Matte Eyeshadow Palette
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    New Zoeva Launches For January 2017

    This post is something that I’ve made on the fly. I love planning and organising my posts way in advance, but I just couldn’t help myself. I received this amazing bundle of Zoeva products and I knew I had to just get something up as soon as possible. Today’s post is going to be a short overview on the New Zoeva Launches For January 2017. The official launch date is Jan the 23rd.

    I’m not able to go in depth as I just received these products. But, I really want your help! Let me know which of these products you’d like to see in-depth review posts on and I’ll get some ready for next month. Into the sneak peaks we go!

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