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    Pixi Hello Rose Kit

    Pixi Beauty is a brand that is still relatively new to me. So far, I’ve found that their packaging looks quite simplistic, but their products pack a real punch. Their Pixi Hello Rose Kit* landed in my hands and I was curious to see how this adorable trio would perform.

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    Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes

    Strobe products are foreign territory to me, especially shades as bold as these. They are quite beautiful though so I still wanted to give them a shot. How’d I go and what do I think of them? Well, keep reading to find out my thoughts on the relatively new Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes*.


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    Limited Edition Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette

    This beautiful trio is the new Limited Edition Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette*. It is intended to be travel-friendly, and perfect to help you add that additional glow whenever you feel like it. Aside from literally being a bronzer, blush and highlighter, this palette is also marketed to be great for the eyes. What do I think? Keep on reading to find out!

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    Why I Love Layering Highlighters

    I’ve recently become addicted to combining highlighters. I can’t seem to stop using a cream highlighter base, and topping it off with a pressed highlighter. Even though I have oily skin, it’s a winner. Today’s post, I’ll go through a few of my faves and explain Why I Love Layering Highlighters.

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