Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains

Every year, as soon as a few days of warm weather creep on in, I’m back on the cream and liquid makeup bandwagon. I’m obsessed with how natural they look on the skin and how seamless they work in with the rest of my makeup routine. A latest love of mine is the entire Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains* range. In today’s post, I’ll be covering why I love these stains, but only from a cheek perspective as I haven’t yet used them on the lips.

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains


Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains are well, you guessed it, a cheek and or lip stain! They have a very liquidy formula, with some shades being thicker than others, and a lovely shade selection. Their original product in the range was Benetint and it was created in 1977, for believe it or not, a nipple tint for an exotic dancer – I know, crazy. This range of products is marketed as long wearing, buildable coverage, kiss-proof, smudge-proof, natural looking finish. In Australia, the RRP is $55.


Untwisting the cap, you’ll see that the product has an inbuilt brush. There are quite a few ways that you can use this product. All of them (or at least the ways that I know), require me to dot or place the brush directly onto my face. If I’m using a powder foundation, I’ll do this under my foundation. If I’m using a liquid foundation, I’ll do this over my foundation, before I’ve powdered.

To actually work the product into your skin, you can use your fingers. However, these stains set very fast, and your fingers will most likely be stained. I’ve also tried using a beauty blender, but the colour does stick to the beauty sponge quite a lot. My favourite way is to use a stippling brush to quickly work it in.

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains


For starters, Benetint is the most light weight. Positint, Chachatint, Lolitint and Gogotint are all slightly more pigmented and gel like in their formula. The range is quite lovely and something I find quite surprising is that I probably wouldn’t like some of these shades in a cream or a powder. But, as a liquid, they work in and blend so nicely with my complexion so I actually like all of the shades in the range! If I had to pick favourites, I’d say Posietint and Chachatint.

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains
Benetint – very lightweight and watery

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains Lollitint – very lightweight and watery

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains Lollitint | Posietint | Chachatint | Gogotint | Benetint (All freshly applied)

Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip StainsLollitint | Posietint | Chachatint | Gogotint | Benetint (Letting them sit, then working them in)


Yes, there is a lot of other cream or liquid blushes out there on the market, and I’ve tried a fair few. But, none of them have stuck with me like this range has because there is something that little bit special about these products. One of the first being that the formula and the shades,  truly work into your skin. As long as you’re quick, you can blend these in so beautifully and it will appear like a natural flush of colour, not a cosmetic product.

The way that you use them is quite flexible. If you want a stronger tint, let the formula sit for slightly longer or do a few layers. If you only want a very light flush, as soon as it hits the skin work it in.


Honestly, anyone. A product like this looks stunning, is very easy to use and I think that you really get your moneys worth because you only need to use the absolutely smallest amount of product.


As mentioned earlier, this product sets very quickly. If you’re someone who is quite slow with application or is someone that loves really precise application, it will be quite challenging with this as it does set so fast. But, I think that this is a great thing because it means a part of your makeup routine will be doneskies in record time, in a more natural way.

Have you tried Benefit Cosmetics Cheek And Lip Stains before?
What are some of your favourite cream or liquid products to use?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • I haven’t tried any of their lip and cheek tints yet and I’m now interested to do so! I do have their highlighter tints in sun beam, shy beam, and high beam and agree at how fast they set. 😛

    Teesh ♥ Adventures of Cupcake Girl