Maybelline Colour Jolt Review

Todays post is my Maybelline Colour Jolt Review. These little paint glosses have been in the Australian market for quite some time now. However, I wanted to really put them to the rest and push myself to experiment with some of the more out there shades. Read on to find out my thoughts about the Maybelline Colour Jolts*.

Maybelline Colour Jolt ReviewMaybelline Colour Jolt Review

05 Stripped Down | 10 Never Bare | 15 Fight Me Fuchsia | 20 Orange Outburst |
25 Talk Back Red | 30 Red-dy Or Not | 35 Berry Naughty | 40 Violet Rebel


In it’s product category and in its simple form, the Maybelline Color Jolts are a lip gloss. However, Maybelline has described this product as a gloss that ‘goes where no gloss has dared go before’. When you think of a gloss, you typically think of high shine, reflective, sticky, and unfortunately not very pigmented. The point of difference for this product is that these glosses are very pigmented. Plus, the formula itself also feels slightly different to a typical gloss.


Packaging: One thing that I appreciate is that Maybelline has been a little different with their packaging. Instead of coming in a typical lip gloss tube with a doefoot applicator, it looks like a mini-paint tube. It has a soft, sponge at the end and you squeeze the paint tube to extract product. The only thing I’m worried about is that travelling with these might be problematic if it presses against other products in your luggage and keeps dispensing.

Formula / Application: Application is very easy because of the sponge. It’s very simple. Just place the product where you want and call it a day. There isn’t any mess and the product does listen to where you want to wear it. Although these are called a gloss and do have a glossy appearance, on the lips they feel more like almost a creamy matte finish. It sort of dries down and it sort of doesn’t. It’s definitely a formula that I haven’t personally used before. You will 100% have to reapply this formula in between meals or drinks. One good thing to mention is that the formula isn’t very sticky. I personally only need to use the one swipe to get the opacity I want.

Shades: I think that the shade selection is quite good. I have 8 shades and the variety is quite versatile. A few pinks, reds, and a berry shade. Overall I think that most of the shades applied quite similarly and evenly. The only problematic shade I found was Violet Rebel. But I assume that if you really like this shade, you can always line your lips or use a similar shade of lipstick underneath to really get 100% payoff of the shade.

Price Point / Availability: Of course, it’s Maybelline so this product is very accessible. You’ll be able to find the full shade selection in Priceline and Chemist Warehouse. Plus, most drugstores, chemists and some supermarkets will also have a few shades. Depending on where you buy these babies and whether they’re on sale, think of the $10-$15 price bracket.

Maybelline Colour Jolt Review


Personally, I don’t think that this formula or product is an exact fit for me. When I am looking for a glossy finish, I’d prefer to use something like the Maybelline Colour Elixirs. But, by all means this product and formula could be 100% what you would like! If you’re someone that loves high impact colour and wants to try another formula instead of a liquid lipstick or lipstick, definitely give them a shot.

Have you tried the Maybelline Color Jolts before?
What’s your favourite Maybelline product of all time?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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