Katinalindaa Is Back On YouTube

Surprise! Katinalindaa Is Back On Youtube! For those of you who don’t know, I actually began my Katinalindaa journey on YouTube back in 2013. I then moved over to Instagram, lost my passion for YouTube, and then I created this blog that you’re reading right now.

Well, it seems that I have come full circle. After my holiday to Bali in April, I couldn’t get back into blogging. I wasn’t able to pinpoint why. But, after thinking about it for a while, I just think that there’s this part of me inside that has been dying to get back to YouTube for quite some time now. I’d say, the last year at least. YouTube was one of the biggest reasons why I wanted a MacBook, for editing.

Katinalindaa Is Back On YouTube

What now? Don’t fret. I honestly still really enjoy blogging. I just don’t think that it is enough for me creatively. I miss being able to talk and show my personality. It’s also sometimes too hard to fit everything I want to say in one blog post. This is how I plan on it to work out!


I’m going to try and use my YouTube channel as a place for me to really talk in depth about my opinion products and show who the real Katina is. I want to make a point that I am not going to do many makeup looks. The closest you might get is a get ready with me, or some really basic smokey eye, because I am NOT SKILLED. I just like makeup and enjoy it. See me as your friend on the internet that likes to talk about makeup. Or, makeup for the everyday girl. Making videos also means that I get to do first impressions properly, with real reactions and I can also do demos. This is something that I’ve really missed!!

Want to see my first video? Here it is! It’s a Q&A.


Not much is going to change on here! It will still be your one-stop shop for reviews that have specific product information, product closeups, swatches and all of that good stuff. The plus sign is now that I can embed my videos or link to them in my blog posts, which can actually show you demos of the products too, #winning!

That’s all from me! I’m off to go crazily make some videos and try balance all of this. I think it’s going to be a struggle, so bare with me while I try and get into the swing of things. Thanks for reading this and for coming along the ride with me!

Please leave me a comment if you have any video requests. Or, let’s just have a chat!

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