IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette

IT Cosmetics is a very new brand to me and this is actually my first time using any of their eye products. I didn’t have any expectations set, but I’m happy to report that I was quite impressed by this palette! It isn’t your typical eyeshadow palette, so I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on the IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette*.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow PaletteIT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette


The IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette is marketed as an eye transforming, anti-aging super palette. The concept of this eyeshadow palette is definitely different to other ones out there at the moment and so is the overall configuration. You don’t get your typical pans all lined up in a row. Instead, you get 12 eyeshadows in total, grouped into different categories.

Eye foundations are found at the top of the palette. They can work as a great eyeshadow base because they’re designed to help colour correct and neutralise your eyelids. They’re also very smooth and would be great to seal in any cream eyeshadows or eyelid primers. Nudes are the perfect eyeshadow shades for a natural eye look. Think of your daytime, work appropriate looks. Neutrals are bolder shades used to really make your eyes pop. Liners are the dark, matte shades in the palette. You can use them wet for a really pigmented liner, or dry in the crease.

IT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow PaletteIT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow PaletteIT Cosmetics Superhero Eyeshadow Palette


One of the most important parts of this palette is its claim of being great for ageing skin, so let’s talk about that first. The shadows in this palette are extremely soft and I find that the pigments aren’t chunky at all. What this means is that the shadows apply very easily to the eyelids. They don’t cling to any dry skin, and they blend beautifully. Even though I personally don’t have aged eyelids, I can imagine that some palettes in my collection have larger pieces of glitter, and they might not apply or last as long with older skin types.

My favourite shades in the palette are definitely Aura and Superstar. But, having said that, most of the shimmer shades are stunning and are ones that I’d definitely reach for.

I find that the liner shades are probably the most pigmented in the palette. But, they are a little patchier. Because of this, I’d suggest only using these shades in small sections. They’re definitely shades to use on the outer lid to create depth, under your lower lashes, or as an eyeliner. If you’d like to use this over a larger portion of your eye, I’d suggest using eyeshadow guards or doing your eye makeup before your base.

One thing that I wish this palette had was a shimmery silvery shade because that’s something I really look for! Superstar is close, but it does have a purple / brown tinge to it. I think a toned down silver would’ve been perfect in the neutrals section as there’s quite a few flesh-toned shades there already.


I would highly recommend this palette to anyone with ageing eyelids or dry skin around the eyes. I also think that this is a great palette to have if you’re into natural looks that don’t require a lot of blending and effort.

What do you think of this eyeshadow palette?
Have you used many IT Cosmetics products before?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • The swatches look really pretty! If I didn’t already have these shades in my collection, I’d definitely grab it!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  • I love the whole concept behind this palette, I’m not sure if I’ve seen anything like it before actually!
    This would definitely be perfect for someone like my mum who would want everything from colour correcting shadows to liner all in the same place. The colours are so gorgeous too!

    Xx | snapchat: anjeliquetv

    • Yess! I feel like it would be so great as a gift for mums! When’s Mother’s Day again when you need it haha x

  • The palette has a really interesting concept behind it. The shades inside are really pretty too. x