Garnier BB Cream Nude Effect

Without a doubt, one of the first makeup products that I ever used was the Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Oil Free. I’m also sure that it was probably one of yours too! I recently received a package where a giant helium balloon popped out of the box, and attached to the bottom of the string was this little gem, the new Garnier BB Cream Nude Effect*. If you haven’t heard about it before, read on to hear about this self-adjusting BB Cream.

Garnier BB Cream Nude Effect

Garnier BB Cream Nude Effect


Garnier’s Skin Active BB Cream Nude Effect is a self-adjusting BB Cream. What this means is that this product basically has no designated shade. There is something in this product that when it touches your skin, it somehow transforms into your shade. Don’t ask me how it works because I promise I’ll never be able to explain it. But, that’s what’s supposed to happen.

This is a BB Creamnot a foundation. What does that mean exactly? Well, in my opinion, a foundation is designed to basically cover a lot of your ‘imperfections’. It’s a makeup product so it typically provides a lot more coverage, and it’s only a base. You then have to do a lot more work like concealers etc. BB Cream, on the other hand, is actually a skincare product and it is designed to be a bit of an all in one. You should be able to slap a BB Cream on, a couple of other products and head out the door.

Three things that I already liked about this straight away were that it has an SPF of 15. I always find this a great bonus. But, the best selling points of all are that this product is only $15.99 AUD AND it contains 50ml of product! Can you believe that? 50ml of product!? I feel like the days of finding a makeup base even with 30ml of product are long over. Now that my friends is what you call value for money.

Garnier BB Cream Nude EffectGarnier BB Cream Nude Effect


I am so sceptical of products that say they adapt to your skin tone. I’ve tried so many products that apparently do this and they all just turn out completely ashy or way too dark. I also think to myself, if it does work, how on earth!? What is this magic haha.

When I first squeezed this product out, it was white. Once I started to rub it in, it began transforming to a colour that looked quite orange and I was a bit worried. After I continued blending it in, believe it or not (well there’s photograph evidence), it actually matched me! I was also really happily surprised that it helped neutralise my skin tone and discoloration. Look carefully at the vein on the left-hand side of the swatch. You can also see that there was some kind of magical smooth filter added to my skin texture from this BB Cream.

Although it isn’t very easy to see the finish of this formula in the swatches, it’s definitely light to medium coverage, with a slightly glowy finish. If you’re oily like me, you HAVE to set this down or it will slide everywhere. If you’re normal or dry, let it be and it’ll look amazing. On my oily skin, I get around 3-hours of longevity before I have to blot.

Do you remember the days of your first Garnier BB Cream?
Will you be trying this product?

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