Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Double The Lip

I’m completely obsessed with Benefit Cosmetics’ Brow products and Boxed Blushes. They’re in my everyday makeup routines and have been for quite some time. But, lip products from Benefit? Hmm! Today’s post is on the new Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Double The Lip*. To see my thoughts, keep on reading!

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Double The Lip Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Double The Lip


Say hello to Benefit Cosmetics’ newest lip release, their Benefit They’re Real Double The Lip. This product is marketed as a two in one lip product that allows you to line and fill in your lipsticks in ‘one, easy stroke’. It’s within Benefit’s They’re Real product range which is quite sexy, playful and a bit bad-ass. The price point for these lip products is $36 AUD, $20 USD or £16.50 each.

This lip range contains 8 shades, and they apparently have a wear time of 8 hours. What makes this product special and different is the applicator itself. Benefit calls it a custom teardrop tip and it is designed to help first ‘grab and define‘ the lip line, and then fill in the lips with its complementary colour. After this motion, you should have ‘fuller, sexier lips‘.


Honesty is always the best policy and when I first saw this product on a Snapchat story, I thought it was gimmicky for a couple reasons. I personally don’t use lip liner so I don’t understand the overall need for lip liner or process. I thought ‘why does it have to be simplified’. I also questioned whether the design of the tip would work well too because it looked a bit foreign and strange with such a clear line. I was thinking ‘but everyone has differently shaped lips, so how is this going to work?’!

Well, what happened when I used them? I was quite surprised and quite wrong with my initial thoughts. I mean, I don’t completely agree with the ‘one easy stroke’ claim, especially first go round. The first time I used it, the shape felt a bit weird and I wasn’t really sure where the product was going! I think after you get the hang of the applicator, you definitely could be quite speedy with this product. But yeah, don’t expect miracles the first time around.

The texture of the formula is ridiculously comfortable. The formula glides right over my lips, doesn’t cling to dry patches and has a semi-matte finish. There isn’t a lot of shine and it isn’t matte. It’s sort of in the middle.

Shade selection wise, this range is quite gorgeous. I think that they’ve covered quite a few shades considering there’s only a selection of eight. My personal favourites are of course the ones that are the closest to my natural lip colour. They are Nude Scandal, Lusty Rose and Juicy Berry. Mind you, all shades are quite gorgeous. I probably just couldn’t use is Flame Game because I’m quite the chicken when it comes to anything too bold.

One thing that you can see in the swatches is that the difference in the liner and lipstick shade is definitely more noticeable in the lighter colours. For example, the line is most harsh on Criminally Coral and it is blending in together a lot easier in Revved-Up Red.

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Double The Lip

Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Double The Lip

Criminally Coral | Nude Scandal | Lusty Rose | Juicy Berry | Pink Thrills | Fuschia Fever | Flame Game | Revved-Up Red

Now, is this an easy 2-in-1 product to use and does it work? I definitely think that it does work. However, as I said there is a bit of trick or skill required when using this product. You have to make sure that the liner is always facing the outside of your lip. This will make sure that the liner actually outlines your lips, and doesn’t just mix in with everything else going on. Just also be careful to position the product in the same place every layer so the lines, line up (obviously).

The harshness of the distinction between the lip liner and the lipstick will definitely depend on how accurately you apply this product.


Most of the shades are very wearable for my skin tone and I quite like the formula. I do think that I probably will use this more like a normal lipstick and kind of smudge it all in together rather than a lip liner and lipstick. But, it’s a product that allows for flexibility and I like that kind of thing. Who knows, I might use it like it’s intended purpose and properly fall in love with lining my lips! Watch this space.


I’d suggest this range to anyone who is a sucker for anything Benefit related like myself. It’s quite exciting to see them come out with such a killer range. I also think that it’s worth a shot even if you aren’t really into lip liners like myself. I think for the price point it’s worth a shot and it isn’t too harsh where you can make mistakes. Even if you did, you could smudge the liner and lipstick together with your finger and just rock it as is.

Have you ever tried a 2-in-1 Lip Liner and Lipstick product like this before?
Will you be picking this product up?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • I saw these over on Instagram and was wondering about them. For me I’m a bit old school and probably won’t bother. I love a lip liner and how precise they are! Such an interesting release though and I can see the appeal 🙂

    Sarah | More Than Adored

    • Definitely something unique :)! Which is always good. I mean, who doesn’t love a fab shortcut!? x

  • Chantalle

    These definitely caught my interest when I first saw them pop up. While the shades are gorgeous, I also don’t really use lip liner either so these wouldn’t be a product I usually go for. They do sound quite lovely though! x

    Chantalle |

    • Yeah I wonder why lip liner isn’t such a big thing for us! I think it’s probably because I’m lazy haha, or I see no real benefit! x

  • I got a little sample of Lusty Rose with a magazine a month or two ago! It is such a beautiful shade, and definitely an interesting concept. It does take a while to get used to the shape of the tip!! I also found the liner shade wears down quicker than the lip colour, or maybe its the angle I am applying it? who knows!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

    • Yeah I’ve noticed that a little bit too! Defs a weird angle haha, but quite a pretty outcome x