Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes

Strobe products are foreign territory to me, especially shades as bold as these. They are quite beautiful though so I still wanted to give them a shot. How’d I go and what do I think of them? Well, keep reading to find out my thoughts on the relatively new Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes*.


Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes


For those of you who aren’t quite sure about the difference between highlighting and strobing, here’s a quick little info spill. Highlighting and strobing shades basically go in the exact same spot and the formulas themselves are very similar, if not identical. Where they differ is how they are used and what they are used with.

Highlighting is supposed to be used in conjunction with contouring. You contour to chisel and deepen your appearance and highlighting brings things forward, to make them pop. Whereas strobing is supposed to be used on it’s own, without contouring. But, you also use strobing shades to bring your features forward.

Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes


These are the Zoeva Strobe Spectrum Palettes and as you can see, there are three variants of this product. The shades are grouped into the seasons of SpringSummer and Winter. Each palette retails for $37AUD ($26.50 USD and 19.50 GBP), and can be purchased directly off the Zoeva website.

On the ZOEVA website, they suggest applying these shades with a highlighter brush to wherever natural light would hit. This would be the top of the cheekbones, the cupids bow, etc. They also say that you can blend these shades softly for a natural look. Or, you can layer the formula up for something more intense.

Although they are called Strobe Palettes, I personally feel like if you used the majority of shades on their own, it would be a bit overwhelming without any contouring. The way that I’ve used them is definitely as highlighters. But, if you’re someone that loves to strobe, you can probably use these products exactly as they’re intended to be used! I also use a very light hand as I find the colours quite intimidating.


Before getting into the individual palettes themselves, I’ll first talk about the formula and quality of the shades. If I compared the smoothness of the formula of these products to other Zoeva products, I’d say that they’re 80% as smooth. I do also receive a teeny bit of fall out, but nothing too bad. I’d suggesting hitting the brush against the palette to help reduce this. I also think that some shades are definitely smoother than others. Overall though, they’re quite nice.

Zoeva Spring Strobe Spectrum PaletteZoeva Spring Strobe Spectrum Palette Swatch

Spring Strobe Spectrum Palette – This particular palette contains shades that are closest to regular highlighting and strobing palettes. Let’s call it the safe palette! The colours look fairly similar in the pan, but they do swatch differently. In this palette, you’ll find a two pink shades and two yellow, golden shades. One of the golden shades also has a very slight green tinge.

Zoeva Summer Strobe Spectrum PaletteZoeva Summer Strobe Spectrum Palette Swatch

Summer Strobe Spectrum Palette – Say hello to my favourite of the bunch! I absolutely ADORE the warmth in the shades of this palette. I find that the colour payoff and smoothness of the formula is also best in this palette. They are all so smooth and look exactly the same on the skin as they do in the pan. I also love using this palette as an eyeshadow palette too. The three warmer shades work lovely all over the eyelid.

Zoeva Winter Strobe Spectrum Palette Zoeva Winter Strobe Spectrum Palette SwatchWinter Strobe Spectrum Palette – The Winter palette definitely is the most intruiging to me. I love the appearance of the shades in this palette. The colour payoff isn’t identical to what you see in the pan and it actually applies a lot softer. I personally have no idea how to rock these colours on my face for highlighting or strobing purposes. But, I actually have enjoyed using this palette on the eyes. And, this is a bit of a curve ball so get ready. I’ve also enjoyed painting my nails black, and then using my finger to add some of the shades in this palette to create a chrome / metallic type of finish.


My makeup looks aren’t very experimental. Because of this, I’m not really sure that I can use these products for highlighting or strobing purposes, other than the Summer palette. However, I hope you found this post informative and interesting if you are into experimenting with highlighter and strobing shades. The quality is incredible, yet the shades are a bit too daring for my boring makeup habits!

Will you be picking any of these palettes up?
What’s your current favourite strobing product?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • Spring and winter strobe palettes are super gorgeous, and I think I would use them both. I think Zoeva leveled up their game.

    Michelle Morchella

  • These look amazing. I’m desperate to try the Spring Strobe palette! x

  • Wow Winter Strobe is gorgeous, at first glance I thought how would those shades work but in your swatches they look beautiful.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

    • Yeah they’re quite gorgeous 🙂 Definitely not as pigmented and as intimiating as they look within the pan x