Limited Edition Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette

This beautiful trio is the new Limited Edition Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette*. It is intended to be travel-friendly, and perfect to help you add that additional glow whenever you feel like it. Aside from literally being a bronzer, blush and highlighter, this palette is also marketed to be great for the eyes. What do I think? Keep on reading to find out!

Limited Edition Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette

Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette

Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette SwatchesIpanema Sunset | Apricot Blossom | Opal

Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette Opal
Individual Pan Opal | Opal from Sunchaser Palette


Becca Cosmetics Sunchaser Palette has a beautiful name that makes complete sense. The concept behind this palette is that it will provide your skin with the bronze, natural flush of colour and glow that you usually get after a day at the beach. Whenever I do my makeup, I love reaching for products that help give my skin a sun-kissed and glowy experience so this concept makes me quite excited! I’m also very happy that everything is in one place because I’m always in a rush to get ready in the mornings before work.

Something else that I really liked looking at this product straight away was the included generously sized mirror. When it’s missing from products that are supposed to be on the go, oh that is a pet peeve and a half! I think that applying these products on the go is definitely possible. For example, if I’m sitting on the train after work about to head out, I can easily pop on an extra bit of glow or blush on my cheeks if it has faded throughout the day.

The palette feels light to carry, yet sturdy enough that you could throw it in your bag without worrying. It contains:
– Sunlight Bronzer in Ipanema Sunset 0.13oz
– Mineral Blush in Apricot Blossom 0.16oz
– Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Opal 0.13oz


It’s quite common for people to still get a little mixed up about what the difference between a bronzer and contour shade is. A bronzer shade is designed to add warmth to your face and a bit of a sunkissed appearance. They are typically soft with a tiny bit of shimmer and are more warm toned. On the other hand, a contour shade is supposed to ‘chisel’ out your appearance, adding definition with a cooler toned brown.

Becca’s Ipanema Sunset is a sunlit bronzer that is a muted orange / brown shade with small, very light gold shimmers. Although very stunning, I have a feeling that it isn’t quite the right bronzer shade for me. It seems a little too pigmented and orange. I personally prefer very light bronzers that are still probably 60% cool toned and 40% warm toned.

When I did try using this bronzer, I placed it on the perimeters of my face after I’ve gone in with a much cooler contour shade. I mostly concentrate the product usually somewhere in between my contour and blush shade, or I slightly overlap my contour and blush shade. I am trying to add smaller amounts to defuse the colour. But, I think it might be more of an all over the eyelid or slightly in my crease and outer third eyeshadow for me instead.


I’ve tried a few Becca blushes now and I can tell you that they are crazy good pigmented. But, they’re definitely still customisable and you can add as much or as little pigment as you’d like. This is their new blush in Apricot Blossom and it has a matte finish. Although the shade is called Apricot which I assume to be very peachy and more orange, I definitely think that there is a lit of pink in this blush shade too. To split it up, I’d probably almost say its 50% peach and 50% pink. I personally prefer straight up peachy tones, but I’m quite enjoying this one! I add a light hand to the apples of my cheeks. I think it would be great for most people. However, if you don’t like blushes that have any pink in them whatsoever, maybe it isn’t for you.


Honestly, you all already know that I’m completely in love with Opal because I always speak about it and actually did an entire post on it right here. But, if you’re a stranger to my blog, Becca or Opal, it’s a stunning subtle gold highlighter that packs a punch. When I say subtle, I don’t mean not pigmented or concentrated. I mean that it is a softer type of gold shade, mixed with champagne.

How do I use Opal? Well, no matter what when I apply my makeup for the day, I firstly use a cream highlighter on the top of my cheek bones. Opal then gets swept across to add that extra glow. I also LOVE swiping Opal all over my lid and then popping Ipanema Sunset on the outer third and crease. Talk about an incredibly easy eye look!


I think you’d be silly not to pick up this palette. It’s probably most appropriate for people who have never tried Becca before and want to see what a few of their different products are like. It’s also ideal for anyone that travels or does touch ups on the go because basically everything you could need for dimension, colour and glow is in the one spot.

If you’re looking to pick up this trio, you can only currently purchase it on the Ulta website for $34 USD. Starting from the 4th of April however, you can also pick it up directly from the Becca Cosmetics website.

Will you be picking up the Sunchaser Palette?
What is your favourite Becca Cosmetics product of all time?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • It has such a gorgeous packaging (as with most Becca products!) It looks like a great all in one products for (as you said) someone wanting to try out Becca’s products or someone on the go!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

    • I know hey, they really kill it with their packaging! I feel like they really think everything through 🙂 x

  • This is such a pretty palette!!! <3 And I wanna comment on how beautiful your product photos usually are.

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl