Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick

I’m always on the hunt for new contour products because I feel like my contour game still isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be. I recently fell head over heels for Benefit’s regular Hoola Bronzer and now, their new Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick*.

Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick


The Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick is a contour stick made for quick, flawless application. It is intended to be a one swipe product that is easy to use, requiring not much effort to give a polished and chiselled look. The formula of this product is cream to powder, which I think is greatly linked to the idea of this product being quick to use. If you were in a rush, you probably wouldn’t have to set this. Price wise, it is $49 AUD or $28 USD.

You can use this product in quite a few ways. Pop it in the hollows of your cheeks, around the perimeters of your face, to contour your nose, the lower part of your lip for depth, or even within your eye crease. I love the versatility of the product and the fact that it doesn’t dry sticky. I mean, every time you use a cream product you expect to set it down with a powder. But, the actual formula of this product is cream to powder. If you’re in a rush, you could definitely get away with not setting it.


Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick Difference In Benefit Hoola Products


Well, I’m glad you asked ;)! Here is the current spread of the four products in Benefit’s Hoola range. As you can see, the shades are all slightly different and there are three formulas. There’s the original Hoola and Hoola Lite which are just your straight up powdered contour shades. Hoola is suitable for a larger range of skin tones while Hoola Lite is for people with a lighter skin colour. If liquid or a sheer contour is more your thing, try Dew The Hoola. Now, where does the Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick fit? I’d say it’s advantage is the easiness of the product. You can swipe it on, and even blend it with your fingers if you’re in that much of a rush. It’s also the easiest to work with in my opinion. 


When I started playing around with this product and did the arm swatches, I thought ‘damnit, it’s too warm’. However, after applying it to my face I realised I was pretty wrong. It was SO EASY to use and surprisingly a good shade for me. So many other cream contour products that I’ve used just stay wherever I place them. They don’t budge and I’m left with a ridiculously harsh line. But no, that wasn’t the case here. There are absolutely no harsh lines left and I have used different tools on this product too. This includes my fingers, a stippling brush, beauty blender and real techniques sponge. They’ve all come out with a great result.

It does blend out slightly warmer and sheerer than you’d think. But, I really like that it is quite sheer. I have a lot of faith in the product knowing that if I was in a rush, I could slap this on, blend it out and know that it still looked good. It’s also great to begin my contour, which I then follow up with the traditional Benefit Hoola for added depth.

Hoola Quickie Cream-To-Powder Contour Stick


I’d firstly suggest this product to anyone who hates harsh contour lines and wants something that blends very easily, with minimal effort. I also think that any contour junkie needs this in their collection for when they’re in a rush, but don’t have as much time up their sleeve as they’d want. 

Have you tried any form of Benefit Hoola before? Which is your favourite?
Will you be picking up their new Contour Stick?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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