Natio Face and Eye Palette in Glow

I have heard very good things about Natio in the past and I’ve been very curious to check them out for some time. I’m happy to be finally sharing my thoughts on this brand with you. I thought what better way to start than with this interesting, circular compact! Today’s post is on the Natio Face and Eye Palette in Glow*.

Natio Face and Eye Palette in Glow Natio Face and Eye Palette in Glow


Natio is an Australian Beauty brand that focuses on natural beauty. From what I have seen online, they’re mostly known for their body and skincare. To me, it seems like their products are highly skin conscious and are all about helping you enhance your natural features. This makes me think of soft pigmentation, light to medium coverage foundations for example and nothing too bold in terms of shade selection. Natio is available in Myer, selected Pharmacies and some Priceline’s. I also think that their packaging is quite simplistic across the board.


The Natio Face and Eye Palette in Glow contains six eyeshadows, a bronzer and two blush shades. As you can see, there is no mirror included and the shape of this palette is a circle, which I found quite interesting. Picking this palette up, it isn’t as light as I expected. The palette is intended to help highlight your natural beauty, and is suggested for both night and daytime use. It retails for $19.95 AUD. and there is another Natio Face and Eye Palette available in Illuminate.


The shade selection within this palette is pretty decent. I’m quite happy with the variations overall. I appreciate that the palette includes a peach and pink blush. For my personal skin tone, I find the bronzer a little too orange.

In terms of shade pigmentation, I think that the lighter eyeshadows, blushes and bronzer have decent pigmentation. I’m not overly impressed, but I’m happy. In terms of the darker shades, I feel a bit disappointed. I understand that Natio is all for natural beauty and that I didn’t really have expectations for anything bold. But, when a palette presents me with darker shades to darken up my look, I’d hope that they are actually dark enough and consistent shades. I feel like they are a little too soft and inconsistent.

Blendability of all of the shades was quite lovely! I wasn’t left with any harsh lines when I used this palette at all. I will mention though that there is a bit of fall out with the darker eyeshadows.

In terms of things I would change, I’d definitely add in a mirror. I honestly just think that mirrors are standard and need to be included somehow. I’d also suggest making the pan size for the blushes slightly larger. I find that they are too long and skinny for most of my blush brushes, making application a little messy. I’d also include a nude, all matte brow bone eyeshadow.

Natio Face and Eye Palette in Glow Natio Face and Eye Palette in Glow


This palette isn’t a necessity for anyone who already has quite a few makeup products in their collection. I’d suggest it to people that are either quite new to makeup and want to play around with various neutral shades. Or, someone that likes to keep their makeup quite simple and minimal. The shades in this palette are quite nice and you can get most things in one place.

Have you used Natio before?
If so, what’s your favourite Natio product?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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