Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners

Give me a super black or brown eyeliner and I’m a very happy girl. But, I know that not everyone isn’t as non-experimental as myself. So, although these products probably aren’t for my super boring eyeliner habits, some of you might adore the new Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners*.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners

The Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners come in a total of 17 shades here in Australia and are available selected Mecca Maxima stores or online here for $36 AUD. The shade selection is definitely incredible and although I only received 10 shades, I can even see within this selection that Urban Decay has tried to cover the basis of many parts of the makeup rainbow.

Another thing to quickly note about these eyeliners is that there is a variety of finishes which in my opinion is a giant tick for this range. Some of the liners are quite matte in appearance whilst others have sparkle, a metallic nature to them or even have a slight colour shift.

Shades aside, it’s time for me to focus on the eyeliner itself. Let me tell you, it is a SUPER fine felt tip liquid eyeliner. If you’re someone that is a master of eyeliner or you love creating super precise lines, this product was truly made for you. It literally only draws where I want it to. It’s very cooperative.

The claims of this product are mainly around it’s staying power. It is supposed to be water-resistant, budge, smudge and fade proof. As someone with very oily eyelids, this made me quite excited to try them out.

When I did give them ago, I was not disappointed. The pigmentation was great across 7 of 10 of the shades. The only shades I had a little difficulty with were Push, Street and Dark Force. I’m not sure if this is across the board or just mine. But, I typically don’t reach for these particular colours anyway so that doesn’t really worry me. If you are after these shades, 100% try swatch them in store to see if the pigmentation is up to your personal preference.

The waterproof and staying power of these liners is 100% legit. I found that I couldn’t remove them unless I used an oil based makeup remover.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners Urban Decay Razor Sharp Longwear Eyeliners Swatched

Left to right: Bump | Space Cowboy |Intergalactic | Retrograde | Push | Deep End |
Street | Zodiac | Demolition | Dark Force

Colourwise, my favourite shades from the ones that I received are Bump and Space Cowboy. I don’t think that they’re colours I can really rock on an everyday basis. But, they’re beautiful never the less and I’m saving them for a rainy day because they’re quite stunning.

I think that these eyeliners are a great option for those of you who are more experienced in the field of eyeliners. I think that application might be a little difficult for a beginner as the lines are so fine and you might have to go over sections a few times to reach desired thickness.

Are you experimental with the eyeliner shades that you use?
What’s your favourite Urban Decay product of all time?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • I don’t own any Urban Decay products (we don’t have it in stores locally as far as I know), but those are gorgeous shades. I’m not experimental with eyeliner too, so it’s probably not for me. 😛

    Teesh || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • Completely understand :)! What’s your favourite Black eyeliner? x

      • I have yet to find a favorite brand. Right now, I’m still trying out a lot of products that performs! 🙂