The New L’Oreal Le Vernis A L’huile Nail Polishes

It has been a long time since I did an entire blog post focusing on one nail polish range and for a pretty good reason. Nothing has really impressed me that much, until now. Today’s post is going to be very in depth on the new L’Oreal Le Vernis A L’huile Nail Polishes*.

L'Oreal Le Vernis A L'huile Nail Polishes L'Oreal Le Vernis A L'huile Nail Polishes

Receiving this entire 20 shade nail polish range in my PO Box was a complete, very welcomed surprise. I was incredibly excited when I opened up the package because a lot of the shades were ones that I usually wouldn’t gravitate towards. Plus, I’m kind of in an experimental mood when it comes to my beauty routine at the moment.

The colour range of these nail polishes is very impressive. I feel like no matter the season or the type of colour family that you’re into, you’ll find something here. For example, there’s quite a few different reds, pinks and nudes.

One thing to note about this range is that there is an ever so slight floral fragrance. It’s pretty interesting because as you paint your nails or if you try to find the fragrance in the nail polish formula, you won’t find it. The scent only becomes apparent once it starts drying. I quite like the scent!

We’re about to move into the swatches and you might notice that there are only 19 shades swatched. Well, that’s because there’s a 20th shade which is completely clear called 110 Crystal. I didn’t really think it was worth swatching and photographing because clear nail polishes generally all look the same.

L'Oreal Le Vernis A L'huile Nail Polish Brush

L'Oreal Le Vernis A L'huile Nail Polishes 330 Fuchsia Palace | 226 Nymphea | 224 Rose Ballet | 114 Nude Demoiselle | 220 Dimanche Apres-Midi | 222 Jardin Des Roses | 442 Coral Trianon | 440 Cherie Macaron | 444 Orange Triomphe

L'Oreal Le Vernis A L'huile Nail Polishes L'Oreal Le Vernis A L'huile Nail Polishes

556 Grenat Irreverent | 668 Bleu Royal | 670 Cobalt Indecent | 672 Gris Decadent | 664 Greige Amoureux | 662 Moka Chic | 116 Cafe De Nuit | 550 Rose Sauvage | 554 Carmin Parisien | 552 Rubis Folies


L'Oreal Le Vernis A L'huile Nail Polish Rose Ballet
224 Rose Ballet (Two coats)

Preparing all of these swatches and using the shades that I’ve already worn has been an absolute breeze. There is ‘over 400 bristles per brush’, and the brush is quite wide and thick in size. Therefore, it covers a large surface of the area in one swipe, allowing for quick and easy application.

As you can see, the majority of these shades already looked gorgeous in one layer. Of course, two layers is most preferred and that was definitely enough for the majority of the shades. I only had to use three layers for the lighter nudes like 114 Nude Demoiselle & 220 Dimanche Apres-Midi.

The lasting power of these nail polishes without chipping was around 5 days. If you don’t mind a few little chips here and there, you can definitely stretch wear out to a week and a half.

Which of these shades is most appealing to you?
Have you enjoyed L’Oreal nail polishes in the past?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • Such a great range of colors.. but what really caught my eye was the packaging! I’m a sucker for cute little bottles!

    Teesh || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    • Totally agree about the cute packaging! But the polish itself is incredible. You should give it a shot 🙂 x

  • Rose Ballet.. Oh my!! Such a lovely colour! The bottles are super nice too!! I have heard they are only $9.95 too!! Such a great price!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

    • It’s definitely a standout shade from the range 🙂 x

  • I had to pick up Rose Ballet after your photo! And I picked up the Greige shade in the Priceline sale and I love it so much more than I thought I would. 😀