Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette In Golden Hour

Smashbox is a brand that is still relatively new to me. I tried and ended up loving their Be Legendary Lipsticks, but that’s about all that I’ve tried. Over the last month or so I’ve been playing with the Smashbox Cover Shot Eyeshadow Palette In Golden Hour*, and I thought that it was worth a mention here on the blog.


Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette In Golden Hour Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette In Golden Hour

This post is on the Cover Shot Palette in Golden Hour. But, I wanted to also let you know that there are six other palettes within the Cover Shot range. Each of the six palettes has it’s own purpose and the shades within the palettes all differ, creating their own palette specific looks.


Golden Hour contains a combination of gorgeous matte and sparkly eyeshadows. All of the shades are inspired by sunsets and are sultry, golden colours, Each shade was designed for easy blending and using these eyeshadows together is supposed to great a lit-from within look. To help describe how each of the six palettes are different, another palette in the range is called Metalic, and contains fierce foil finish shadows.

These eyeshadows are described as one swipe shades that deliver intense pigment payoff.


Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette In Golden Hour Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette In Golden Hour Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette In Golden Hour


I found that the pigmentation wasn’t quite as pigmented as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing at all! It’s not as if the pigmentation isn’t good or weak. The shades just aren’t as pigmented as some of my other eyeshadow palettes.

For a point of comparison, these shadows remind me a lot of Charlotte Tilbury’s. The pigmentation is fairly similar where the initial pigment is softer and more natural than anticipated. But, they can easily be built up to full pigmentation.

I quite like this palette! I feel like the shades work very well together and that the shimmer shades are especially pretty. I also like that the palette is pocket-sized making it easy to bring on the go. The shades closer to the right of the palette would be great to darken up a look for the night time and the inclusion of a mirror makes this something very possible to pull off.

One thing that isn’t easy to see through images is the cool texture of the external packaging of this product. It’s pretty nostalgic and reminds me of those scratchy cards that look 3D when you tilt them in a certain way. I can’t really describe it so maybe see if there’s a YouTube review and demo of the really nice packaging haha.

For my first eyeshadow palette from Smashbox, I’m fairly impressed. Looking at the other Cover Shot palettes, I think I’d like to get my hands on Ablaze. It contains hot dessert-inspired shades and I feel like it would be perfect for when autumn really kicks off here in Australia.


AUSTRALIA: $41 AUD each from Mecca Maxima
$29 USD

What’s your favourite Smashbox product?
Have you tried this eyeshadow palette before?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • Laura Kroczek

    If I wouldn’t have purchased the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette lately, I would have definitely gone for this one! It’s a gorgeous palette Xx

    • Oh are you loving the Modern Renaiisance one? 🙂 x

      • Laura Kroczek

        It´s such a great palette! Xx

  • Charlotte

    I don’t think I have tried anything from Smashbox and I have no idea why as they have so many brilliant products! It is such a pretty palette but it’s a shame the pigmentation isn’t the greatest.
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

    • I think it’s just a different type of pigmentation 🙂 It’s still great, just not the exact same as different brands. In my opinion, not everything has to be crazy pigmented to be great. Because there’s so many pigmented eyeshadows out there are disasters haha! They don’t blend, or there’s insane fall out 😛 x

  • Ela

    This palette has me intrigued because I’m not a fan of super pigmented shadows! I’m a shadow newbie and I prefer colors that are buildable so I don’t pack on too much in one go.
    Ela |

    • Oh I think you’d love this then! It’s got a lovely type of pigment where you can keep going in and building it up 🙂 Perfect for an eyeshadow beginner! x

  • M + K

    This looks like the perfect every day palette! We’re nude shadow junkies, so this has us ooing and ahhing! And given that they are similar to CT, we’re even more curious to have a play with them

    M + K |

  • Out of all of them I think this is the one I would like the most, there is such a gorgeous sunsety vibe about it and I know exactly what you mean about the scratch cards. I had a wave of nostalgia when I picked one of these up in Boots, really love how compact they are as well. Gorgeous post and photos, thank you for sharing xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

    • Ahhh! So glad you felt the nostalga too Kiran! It’s so clever when brands do that 🙂 I love the experience of it all x

  • This palette looks pretty! Such lovely shades. I’ve seen the packaging on another blog & it looks fab! I must check this out 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

    • It’s so fun! I tried to make it a gif but failed miserably haha x

  • It looks like a pretty and natural looking palette. Im loving those warm tones

  • Ahhh this palette is gorgeous!! I am definitely feeling those colours! The size of them would make a great travel palette!!

    Mel xx || Loads of Lifestyle

    • Yeah the size is soooo perfect for travel. Thank god it actually has a damn mirror in it! x

  • The shades in this palette are very down my alley! <3

    • They totally are haha! I thought they were as soon as I opened it 😛 x