March Monthly Favourites 2017

My March Monthly Favourites 2017 honestly doesn’t look that special from a glance. But, let me tell you. Some of these products have truly blown me away this month. Get ready for some mighty long descriptions about why I’ve been loving these products so much.

March Monthly Favourites 2017


I admit. It is a bit random to include cleansing wipes in my monthly favourites. But, they’re in here for a good reason. Many people use makeup remover wipes all over their face before going in with their proper deep cleaning routine. I personally don’t like wipes for this reason. I gravitate more towards cleansing oils, then a regular cleanser. I’ve actually been loving these wipes to use just around my lips and on my arm when I do swatches. Let me explain.

I have a collection of lipsticks that has honestly gotten out of hand. I’ve been trying to make a conscious effort to cut it down. The only way to do that is well, trying on every single lipstick that I have. That’s definitely a task and a half, and so is removing each shade. These wipes have been SO gentle around my mouth and on my lips. I’ve never felt any irritations and my lips haven’t gotten red. Same thing goes for doing makeup swatches for my blog posts. My arm can get quite sensitive after trying to remove large amounts of makeup, repetitively. Not with these. If you love the idea of makeup wipes but haven’t found something gentle enough for you, have a look into cleansing wipes.


Something pretty interesting has happened here! A couple of months ago, I received an abundance of Zoeva Eyebrow products. The product that I became most obsessed with was actually their Brow Palette. For some reason, I didn’t really look at the individual products, use or talk about them. One day in March, I randomly decided to pick up the Zoeva Graphic Brows In Arsenic up and I haven’t been able to stop.

The shade Arsenic is my ABSOLUTE perfect eyebrow shade. It’s seriously the perfect medium to dark, cool toned brown pencil that I’ve ever found. The formula of this pencil looks a little dry and you kind of think ‘wow no way is this going to work’. But, I use it to make gentle little strokes to imitate brow hairs and it works wonders. If you are someone that’s looking to try something new in the brow department, you should check this out.


I finally decided to pick this mask up after having my eyes on it for what seems like forever. I ended up buying it a few weeks ago because I found that my original holy grail favourite moisturising and hydrating mask wasn’t really cutting it. Something weird has happened with my skin in the last couple of months where even though I’m extremely oily, I have some insane dry patches and flaking around my nose. I’ve been using this mask after I’ve had a lot of makeup on, been in the sun for quite a while or just generally every 3-4 days. It’s a mask that you sleep in. But, don’t worry my face hasn’t stuck to the pillow in the morning. Since using this mask I can definitely see an improvement in the driness around my nose, and the smell is also quite beautiful. I personally avoided purchasing this mask for a long time because I thought it wouldn’t work with my oily skin. I was absolutely wrong and I think that this would be great for any skin type.


On Sunday, I posted about the L’Oreal Le Vernis A L’huile Nail Polishes. This range of nail polishes has impressed me, a lot. Each shade is only $9.95 in Australia and the quality is incredible. I’m able to get 5 days without chips and the formula applies so smoothly from the get go. The range also includes a few unique shades that I haven’t really seen before. I definitely suggest checking this range out because I’ve been obsessed with it towards the end of March. Plus, It’s probably the only thing I’ll wear on my nails all of April too!



When I was writing my review for the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette, I already knew that it would become a favourite. I’ve used it every single morning to get ready for work since. I absolutely adore the bronzer, highlighter and peachy blush. The only downside is something I also touched base on in my post. The blush pan size is too small to use blush brushes! Especially when I’m in a rush, it can be a little bit messy. I just have to remind myself to be gentle because the whole palette is too beautiful to put it away just because of the silly blush pan size. If you’re someone looking for a great product to cut down time during your morning makeup routine, I’d highly suggest looking into this palette.

What were your favourites for March?
Have you tried any of these products before?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • The Origins mask is amazing! Cannot get over how good it smells!

    • Me too! I really wasn’t expecting that type of scent haha x

  • I’ve seen the Instant Look in a Palette do the rounds on YouTube….looks perfect! Although like what you said, small blush/bronzer/highlight pans can be very annoying!

    • Yeah they really can be! 🙁 It’s such a pity because it’s a beautiful product x