How To Run A Blog And Work Full Time

Have you ever wondered How To Run A Blog And Work Full Time? Well, let me tell you right now that it isn’t the easiest of things to balance and it did take me quite a while to figure out. But, I am now in the flow of things and I feel like I have a few good tricks up my sleeve that I want to share with you.

How To Run A Blog And Work Full Time

Of course, it isn’t possible to successfully run a blog and work full time, every single day of the year. But, there are certain ways of making things easier. I’m not saying that these tips are the only way to make it work. These are just the systems that I have in place that really help me keep on top of everything. Hopefully, some of them will work for you.

One of the best ways to keep a good work and blogging balance is to start a routine and use your spare time to your blog advantage.

For example, one thing that I’ve really struggled with Blogging wise is interacting with other blogs. I actually love going on Bloglovin’ to read and comment on other people’s blogs, but sometimes it slips away from me. What I try to do most nights after work is go through my Bloglovin’ feed and ‘mark as read’ any posts that I’m not interested in reading. Then when I get a chance to actually read the posts, my reading list is more streamlined and I don’t waste time trying to filter through hundreds of posts at the end of a week. If you find a routine that works for you, you’ll be able to keep on top of everything.

It’s all about making use of your little bits of spare time to catch up and keep on top of your blog. If you take public transport, maybe you can edit your photos or go through your Bloglovin’ list. Maybe you can write down some post ideas in your drafts or use that time to reply to blog related emails.

A great way to keep on top of blogging is to set time aside and make an appointment in your daily calendar or calendar app. I know I mentioned using your spare time, but this is designated time that you’ve said ‘Yes, I will do this for my blog at this specific time’. Sure, it’s just an appointment with your camera and a whole heap of flatlays! But working full time means that you’re pretty time poor, especially when it comes to great daylight.

I personally take my photos during the day and there are only a few mornings in the week when I can actually photograph. If I accidentally plan too many things and lose my mornings, I won’t be able to take any more photos for a week. This means I fall behind and if I haven’t prepared enough posts in advance, I might not have anything ready.

I currently work as a Social Media Coordinator and one of the best things that I’ve taken away from work and popped into my blogging life is the use of content calendars. That might sound a little foreign, but it’s really quite simple. All you really need to do is print off a blank calendar and then use that calendar to plan your posts. I personally get mine from Beauty Holics Anonymous and write down the titles of the posts I want to publish. Some people like to do content calendars weekly, but I like to try and get mine prepared at least a months in advance.

The first thing that I do when I print off my calendar is write in Monthly Favourites and then any other post ideas that I have. As I start coming up with more ideas coming up to the month, I add them to the calendar. It’s great because you visually get to see how many more post ideas you need to come up with which helps with not leaving things to the last minute. I also have a colour code system where I add a yellow highlight when a post is prepared and a pink highlight once a post goes live. I find content calendars easier than just writing a list with dates because the dates can creep up on you when you think that they’re still far away.

Now, moving onto the idea of a posting schedule. The days that I choose to post are Wednesday’s and Sunday’s. Having a posting schedule is really great because that way you post regularly and your audience knows when to head over to your blog to see what’s new. Another great reason for a posting schedule is that you don’t forget to post. I know that when I didn’t have a posting schedule, even before I even started working full time I would honestly just forget to post. I’d look at my blog and realise I haven’t posted in 2 weeks and feel like ‘crap’. It would make me want to just rush write anything and I’d end up unhappy with the post anyway, deleting it. Worst feeling! Plan ahead and only post great content that you’ve spent time on.

Come on guys, let’s be real! A lot of the time when we post makeup, we’re sitting in our pjs at home. When you do get time to take your photos, don’t just take photos for your upcoming blog posts, but get creative and stockpile. Having a stockpile or folder of photos can be great for inspiration and for filling the gaps when you actually don’t have time for photography. I always have at least 50 Instagram photos ready to go, all edited and usually 2-3 blog posts. You never know what can pop up and if you do want that consistency, it’s great to have some backups.

This might sound a little contradictory because of all of the tips I’ve just said about keeping at it and getting a regular routine. But, this one’s also very important. When life and work becomes a little too much, don’t be afraid to take a break. There’s no point running around feeling terrible that you have no blog content ready according to your schedule and feeling overwhelmed. It’s okay to take a rest and recharge your batteries. Your blog should be fun and if it isn’t working out this month, try again next month. Your followers will understand and you’ll feel so much happier when you return.

Do you currently work full time and run a blog?
What are some of your tips to blogging and working fulltime?


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  • Bernadette
    • Exactly :)! I find having the printed calendar helps me the most x

  • AMAZING, amazing tips! Thank you Katina! <3


    • Yaaaay! So glad you liked the post T! No worries at all girly x

  • Becomingtashh

    I needed this so badly! working full-time is hard when I want to soooo badly get my blog going again. This is so extremely helpful! x

    Tash /

    • SO happy that you found it helpful 🙂 I hope you’re able to nail the balance! x

  • So proud of you for how hard you’ve been working, girl! Love all of these tips – these tips are also useful though for anyone with crappy time management skills, like me! I’ve found creating a proper content calendar has really helped me 🙂

  • Yes, content calendars are amazing! I’ve always had one since I’ve been
    working in Marketing as well and they’re 100% worth it!

    My hardest part is that it takes me so long to create blog post so I will get two posts out a week for a few months and then one a week after that.

    I find social media harder in our current house but I plan to buy studio lights soon to help 🙂

    My biggest tip is to keep a million lists and categorise them, eg. Photos to take, post ideas, blog maintenance etc.

    Maddie |

    • Yeah lists are amazing too 🙂 I feel like I’ve got a blog related list everywhere though, I should probably compact that haha! & What part takes you a while to create the post? Just like the photography part? Or the actual writing? x

      • Haha yes – breaking down the lists really helped me see clearly!
        The writing takes me the longest because I get sidetracked and don’t want to proof straight away.

  • Charlotte

    Bulk photography is where I excel, I always leave it to one day when I’m free and concentrate on it. I then usually complete around 5 posts due to adding the photos! I always think about doing a calendar but I don’t think I’d stick to it!
    Charlotte / Charlotte’s Picks

    • Fair enough about the calendar :)! Just whatever works for you 🙂 Same here with adding the photos to finish up blog posts! Feels so good when you smash it and can officially have that many finished haha x

  • Amazing! Love your tips and really admire you for being able to put out quality posts while juggling a full time job!

    Jessica || Of Purity and Simplicity

    • Aww thank you Jessica!! After a little bit of time it just becomes routine so it isn’t so hard 🙂 x

  • I have never tried the bulk photography thing though I always try to keep 2-3 blog posts in buffer. I have recently stumbled upon your blog and I must say that it is very well organized. Appreciate the work you are doing and the professionalism that reflects in your work.

    • Oh wow! That’s so lovely 🙂 Thank you so much Sahilja! x