How To Use Flowers In Flatlays

It has been far too long since I have done a Tips and Talks post or anything related to flatlays. Today, I’m going to be giving you some tips on How To Use Flowers In Flatlays*. The reason why I thought this would be a great time to create this post is because I’m sure that there’s heaps of flower deliveries around Christmas, and you might have some lying around.

How To Use Flowers In Flatlays

For this blog post, I’m going to be using these gorgeous Pastel Tulips* from Flowers Across Melbourne. You can have a look at their lovely range here.

1 – Don’t Take Your Flowers Out of Their Packaging Just Yet
Every time you receive a bunch of flowers, they’re mighty impressive. Florists typically arrange the flowers and then wrap them up beautifully, especially for delivery. Let’s be real, you and I probably aren’t the best flower stylists in the world. You and I need to be smart. So, let’s work with what we’ve got! Don’t take those beautiful blooms out straight away. Take a few shots first.

How To Use Flowers In Flatlays

2 – Experiment with the flowers
There is quite a few different ways to use flowers in flatlays. Don’t just find one good way to photograph them and do that in every single shot. You need a little variety to keep things interesting. This tip is especially good for those of you who bulk photograph. If you follow these little tips, it won’t be too obvious that you took lots of photographs on the same day.

Here are some ideas for playing with the positioning of flowers:
– Place the flowers along the edges of the photograph
– Place the flowers in the middle of the photograph
– Arrange objects around the flowers
– Try bunch a few flowers together and separate the rest
– Create a pattern using the flowers and surround them with your flatlay objects

How To Use Flowers In Flatlays

3 – Make the Flowers Pop
Obviously if we’re using flowers in our flatlay photography, we want those babies to show up. Even though I used a white background and some of my flowers were white, I tried my best to still make them stand out. Shadows are usually an enemy of mine when it comes to flatlay photograph, but with delicate objects like flowers, they’re actually my best friend. Rotate your flower arrangement so the shadows help to accentuate the outline of the petals. You can also try using a different coloured background to whatever flowers you’re using.

How To Use Flowers In Flatlays

4 – Don’t Over Edit The Images
After setting up the perfect flatlay and taking the photos, you definitely don’t want to ruin your masterpiece. This part is especially important – the make or break! If you’re someone like me that loves to have photos with a super white background, you’ll need to exercise a little self-restraint. Be careful not to play around with the background colour too much. If you play around and edit the photographs a lot, your flowers might become over exposed and artificial looking. Or, your flowers will just fade into the background.

Overall, I think the main pointers are to respect the flowers that you’re using. They’re delicate so be careful when you’re placing them, editing them etc. Also make sure to experiment because variety in photographs is always a good thing.

Thank you again to Flowers Across Melbourne for providing me with these beautiful tulips!

How do you like to use flowers in Flatlays or other styles of Photography?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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