Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch Review

No matter where you live in the world, there’s always a few of those international makeup brands that catch your eye. For me, one of them has always been Charlotte Tilbury. When I was contacted to try out a giftset, I had to say yes! Here it is, my Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch Review*.

I also thought that the beginning of December would be a perfect time to post this because it’ll start off my Christmas Gift Guide, so keep your eyes peeled for more gift suggestions.

Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch Review Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch Review Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch Review Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch Review

Let’s get all of the formalities out of the way. The Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch contains:
– An eye shadow quad in The Legendary Muse
– A mini mascara in Mini Legendary Lashes
– A mini eyeliner in Bedroom Black
– A mini lip liner in Bitten Kiss
– Full sized lipstick in Secret Salma
– AND a super cute lipstick looking USB that has an exclusive video tutorial

Honestly, my expectations were very high. I’ve seen nothing but rave reviews of Charlotte Tilbury, and the price tag is $185AUD which is pretty exxy for what I’m used to. I basically wanted the whole package. The products to look gorgeous, be sturdy and wear beautifully.

Charlotte Tilbury Dreamy Look In A Clutch SwatchesFrom left to right: Legendary Eye Liner, Legendary Lip Liner, Secret Salma, Legendary Muse Eyeshadow Quad

The first product that I reached for was the lipstick, Hot Lips in Secret Salma. Even the name itself is cute. The detail on the packaging of this product and the way that the lipstick has been shaped just speaks elegance. It’s something I’ve never had on any of my products before. Without exaggeration, this lipstick has one of the smoothest formulas I’ve ever had. It swatches beautifully and has good longevity. The formula is fairly matte but it doesn’t cling to dry patches.

Legendary Muse Eyeshadow Quad is the second thing that caught my eye. This quad is fairly small in size but if you love a good mirrior, you’d be glad to know that this one basically takes up the entire size of the product. The shadows themselves aren’t really what I was expecting. I’m more of a matte, neutral tone kind of person. To see all shimmers and a shade that looks fairly green to me is definitely something I wouldn’t normally reach for. The pigmentation is also something that I haven’t really had before.

Let me explain. I’m a lover of buttery smooth, insanely pigmented stuff. These eyeshadows are delicate, but buildable and it’s actually a nice change. Again, I find this product super elegant. It’s not about having the most pigmented, bad ass eyeshadow, but just adding a little depth and dimension to what’s already there. I’ve really enjoyed using the top left shade which is the first eyeshadow swatch all over my lid, and the last shadow in my crease. I know, a shimmer in my crease. But I’ve really been pushing myself with this quad and have received a few sneaky complements which is great.

Okay, I know that I said some of those products grabbed my attention. But let’s be real. A lipstick shaped USB!? When I posted a few pics on Instagram as a sneak peak, I’d say that most of the comments were about the USB and I can’t blame you. It’s so adorable and it actually has a great eyeshadow tutorial on it. Another great thing is that it actually holds around 4GB, weehoo!

Two products that I’m going to group together are the Legendary Eye Liner and Legendary Mascara. Ah, I really wanted to love them but this is something I usually go through so I’m not too disappointed. The eye liner is super black, goes where you’d like it and stays put for quite some time, but for my extremely oily lids, sadly not enough. The same goes for the mascara. I love the traditional wand and how black my eye lashes look, the sparseness, basically everything. But again, my stubborn lashes fall down soon after. I wish my face didn’t produce as much oil as it does, but hey, that’s life! I’m sure the majority of you would love this though. Just sadly not for me.

The last product I’m talking about today is the Legendary Lip Liner. The reason that I’ve kept it till this point is that I wanted to leave you with something. If you have an olive skin complexion, this lip liner will become your go to. I’ve said it before on the blog, I’m lazy with lip liners. But since getting this and having something as smooth and versatile, it really makes me enjoy layering liner and lipsticks. It’s great because it basically helps create new shades from what you already own! I’d also like to mention that this lip liner stays in place. You’d need to wait quite a few hours for it to fade or move around and you would probably need something oil based to remove it – amazing.

If you’re after the this gift set, pick it up from the Charlotte Tilbury website here.

Have you ever tried Charlotte Tilbury before?
What have you got yours eyes on as a Christmas Gift?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • Chantalle

    I have had my eye on Charlotte Tilbury products for the longest time but I have never actually taken the plunge to just go ahead and buy them! They are quite pricey but the look so incredibly gorgeous and chic! This set sounds pretty amazing as well, I definitely want a lipstick and eye shadow quad. That USB, too cute! Who wouldn’t want a lipstick USB!? haha x

    Chantalle |

    • Hahah I know!! They could honestly sell it on its own! x