L’Oreal Paris Blush Sculpt Blushes

A few months ago, L’Oreal Paris released their Blush Sculpt Trio Contouring Blushes* in Austraila. I wanted to wait a while before posting this review because even though they are mighty gorgeous, I was curious if I would actually gravitate towards and use them regularly.



Why? Well, if there is one thing I am when it comes to blushes, it is definitely a creature of habit. I have my favourite peachy coral blush that I’ve used probably 99% of the time for the last couple of years. That’s possibly an over exaggeraiton, but you get the picture – I’m stuck in my ways.

What happened? I’ve used them a lot. Keep in mind that these pictures were taken when I first got these babies because I like my photos to show the product in their original state.

These blush trios come with three various blush shades – hence trio in the product name. The thing that I have noticed about many blushes that claim to have a trio or a duo, when you actually go in to use the colours, they all end up looking the same or the pigmentation is not there, at all.

I am so happy to share that these are actually incredible. As you can see from the swatches, each of the three shades is both unique and pigmented. The three shades mixed together, same story.

102 Nude Beige – The three individual shades and then the three mixed together
201 Soft Rosy – The three individual shades and then the three mixed together

Both of the palettes are great and very wearable. I typically use 201 Soft Rosy for an everyday look and I found myself reaching for 102 Nude Beige to warm up my complexion more during the cooler months.

These blushes are on the pricier side when it comes to the ‘drugstore’ at $26.95each, but I think you should keep in mind that you’re essentially getting 4 unique shades, in the one little trio.

Have you tried these blush trio’s before?
What’s your favourite blush from the drugstore?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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