The Best of Bronzers

Three years ago, I was very close to being obsessed with bronzers. I always used them and wanted more types to play with. Then, the internet told me that contouring was the cooler thing to do and for some reason, I haven’t really used bronzers as much, until recently. Today’s post is a battle between bronzers, which I’m calling The Best of Bronzers.

The Best Of Bronzers

The Best Of Bronzers

The Best Of Bronzers The Best Of Bronzers

Left: Too Faced | L’Oreal | Hoola

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in Chocolate is the bronzer that started my obsession.  If you’re unfamiliar with this bronzer range, all of the products smell like chocolate. I’m not talking about the artificial type of chocolate smell, I mean dead set chocolate. This particular shade is a mattifying bronzer and I actually used this both as a precise contour then all over the face bronzer wherever I needed it. One of the best things about make up is perspective. For example, I used to adore this product. I thought it was smooth, pigmented and perfect for me. But now, I actually realise that it is kind of rough sometimes. As you can see in the photograph, it has a few bumps and over time I’ve found that this isn’t as pretty as I initially thought.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola* is a more recent find of mine, I thought it wouldn’t suit me and fair enough, it actually really does so yep I admit, I was wrong. Hoola is extremely smooth, pigmented and comes in a couple of formulas, but their powder one is my favourite. To read my full review on Hoola and Dew the Hoola, click here. Hoola and Chocolate Soleil are fairly cool toned and brown, however I’d definitely say that Hoola is more pigmented.

Now onto my favourite. This is another product that really surprised me. I was gifted the L’Oreal Paris Glam Bronze La Terra in #2 Capri-Naturale* and I specifically remember thinking, as if. It looked warm and shimmery which is usually my nightmare. But then I realised I had to switch off thoughts about contour shades and think about bronzing. Lately, I’ve used this product every single time I’ve done my makeup. I go in with a contour shade, do the chiselling, and then use this product all over the edges of my face for some extra dimension. In the pans, I know it looks really orange and daunting, but it honestly makes such a great difference and really helps blend my lighter shades with the rest of my body. I’m very impressed by this product and it’s such great value for money. It comes with 18g of product whilst Hoola comes with 8g and Chocolate Soleil with 10g.

What is your favourite bronzer?
How do you use bronzer?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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  • Great review! Hoola was the first bronzer I fell in love with but I really need to try the Too Faced one! I actually just bought a Bobbi Brown bronzer recently and I have been loving it.

    Emma | Rosy Disposition

    • Thanks Emma :)! Oh gosh when you smell the Too Faced one you’ll be sold hahah x

  • I actually only own two bronzers. A Too Faced offering and one from The Body Shop. I’m completely smitten with body and don’t really find a need to pick up any more. Fantastic post though!

    Heather, Porcelain Beauty x

    • You definitely don’t need many once you find a good one :)! Completely understandable x

  • Abby Evans

    I absolutely love Benefit Hoola and find the cooler tone works really well with my skin tone. I also recommend Jouer’s Suntan. It’ not very well known, but I absolutely love it!

    Abby Talks

    • Ohhh! I haven’t tried anything from Jouer before, I’ll suss that out x

  • Chantalle

    Hoola is my absolute fave bronzer, i have tried a few others like NARS Laguna but I always come back to Hoola! I really want to try the Too Faced one though. xx

    Chantalle |

    • The Too Faced one is really nice!! If you try it let me know how you go 🙂 x