Nude By Nature Contour Palette and Highlight Palette

Today’s post is a review on the Nude By Nature Contour Palette and Highlight Palette. It’s a very exciting post for me because Nude by Nature went under a huge cosmetic change around a year ago and now all of their packaging is to die for. Two products that I have had on my radar for a long time is their Contour Palette* and Highlight Palette*.

Nude By Nature Contour Palette and Highlight Palette

Nude By Nature Contour Palette Review, Nude By Nature Highlight Palette Review
Nude By Nature Contour Palette Review, Nude By Nature Highlight Palette Review

If you’ve never tried or heard of Nude by Nature before, in my opinion they’re a brand that stands out from others in Priceline. Everything not only looks luxurious in its packaging, but the products themselves are of a high quality, made to last.

For those of you who are new to my blog, Nude by Nature is a brand that I’ve loved for quite a while. Their Mineral Finishing Veil Powder and Mineral Foundation Brush are such a winning combo that I have legitimately not used any other setting powder or brush in over two years. You can say that my expectations for their contour and highlight palettes was therefore, pretty high!

Collectively speaking, the Contour and Highlight palette, share something in common that I have to address first up. Gorgeous. Packaging. It’s super reflective, rose gold, cold to the touch and all round awesome. The external packaging that this comes in too is white and feels quite satin like. Thumbs up, the luxuriousness starts off at the very start.

This palette contains one contour, bronzer and highlighting shade. I love that this palette tells you which darker shade is for contouring and which is for bronzing. I think that’s a great idea for beginners so it’s easier to know what to use instead of just calling them ‘shade 1, shade 2’ or something similar. Instructions on the back of the packaging also tell you where to place them.

The formula itself of all three shades is smooth to apply and blends easily. The contour shade isn’t muddy and it’s the perfect cool toned brown for chiselling. The bronzing shade isn’t overly orange and it isn’t too pigmented so you can build it up nicely without going overboard. Lastly, the highlighting shade is more of a banana powder shade in my opinion, perfect for setting the under eye area.

As always, I love using contour shades as eyeshadows and these are perfect. The contour and bronzer shades are absolutely perfect in the crease and the highlight shade is also great as an inner corner highlight. They blend wonderfully and they don’t have any fall out. I would bring this palette for holidays because of how versatile it is. It covers all of your contouring, highlighting and eyeshadow if you’re like me and love super basic makeup on holidays. By the way, this palette was included in my September Favourites which you can read here.

Nude By Nature Contour Palette Review, Nude By Nature Contour Palette Swatches

This palette contains three highlighters. There’s a bronze, rose and champagne shade. My personal favourite is the champagne shade.

Formula wise, they’re great. Taking a sneaky look at the ingredients, there’s a bit of vitamin e, avocado oil and jojoba oil. As you can imagine, this makes the highlighters very easy to apply and they have a gorgeous sheen to them.

This highlight palette probably isn’t an essential for a beginner or someone who is feels a bit so-so about highlighters, it’s for those of you who love highlighters and want to experiment with a couple formulas of different shades.

Nude By Nature Highlight Palette Review, Nude By Nature Highlight Palette Swatches
Nude By Nature Highlight Palette Review, Nude By Nature Highlight Palette Swatches

Both the contour and highlight palette are $39.95 and you can pick them up in store. If you’d like to buy them online, the contour palette is here and the highlight palette is here.

Have you tried the Contour or Highlight palette?
What’s your favourite Nude by Nature palette?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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