Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette

As promised, today’s blog post is going to be on the new Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette*, which can be found on the Zoeva website here.

Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette Swatched and Reviewed

Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette Swatched and Reviewed
Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette Swatched and Reviewed
CC010, CC020, CC030, CC040, CC050
Zoeva Concealer Spectrum Palette Swatched and Reviewed
CC060, CC070, CC080, CC090

This is both a spot concealer and colour correcting palette so there are 9 shades to play with. I’m still a concealer novice yet I find the formula very easy to work with. It’s very pigmented and smooth, but it has a little bit of tackiness to it so it doesn’t slide around.

I will say that the formula is on the thicker side of concealers which is great for hiding your spots, but maybe don’t go packing a lighter shade under your eyes because it might crease. Also, don’t forget to follow your concealer up with powder – of course.

A little goes a long way and there is a few different techniques that you can pick from in terms of application. I would personally apply these concealers to my face with my finger to warm up the product and then use a beauty sponge to blend the product into my skin.

Shade selection is pretty good and I like the inclusion of salmon, banana and pure white shades. But, I would definitely say that this palette is most suited to light to medium skin tones. For darker skin tones, I hope that they release another palette in the future.

If you freelance or have a skin colour that changes throughout the year depending on your tan (or if you fake tan), you’re going to love this palette. I think that if you have a pretty constant colour, you can probably find better use in singular colour correctors and concealer shades.

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Do you have any concealer palettes?
Will you be picking this one up?

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