Becca Cosmetics Slimlights Swatched and Reviewed

Becca Cosmetics has released Slimlights* in the shades of Champagne Pop, Topaz and Pearl. What’s a Slimlight? Well, a slim makeup product that adds a precise amount of light aka highlighter to basically wherever you’d like to place it.

Becca Slimlights Left to Right: Champagne Pop | Topaz |  Pearl

Champagne Pop with Champagne Pop | Topaz with a Gold Shadow | Pearl with a Silver Shadow

The Slimlights can be used as either a precise highlight or an eyeshadow base. For me personally, I prefer to use a regular Becca highlighter with a smaller brush or my fingers to achieve a specific highlight. This is just because I’m already totally in love with the regular Pressed formulas.

Because of this, the way that I like using Slimlights and the way that I’m going to review them in this post is for the purpose of an eyeshadow base.

I’ve used my fair share of cream eyeshadow bases and I’m always excited to try more. So far, I would say that the Becca Slimlights are the most luxurious. The packaging itself is quite weighted and feels special.

Something that I think is quite interesting about this product is that the first time I tried it and swatched it on my hand, I wasn’t overly impressed. Don’t get me wrong. The colours are beautiful, the formula is smooth but I just didn’t think they were that special.

The magic really comes out when you use a Slimlight as a base and pop an eyeshadow (or highlighter) on top. I noticed that it really amplified whatever shadow I decided to use and even on my oily eyelids, I didn’t have creasing until six hours in.

I also received compliments for my eyeshadow looks when wearing this product and I honestly think it’s because usually when I apply shadows, they disappear. I find that the Slimlights really lock the eyeshadow in place and I don’t have the same problems anymore.

All in all, my favourite shade is probably Pearl. Typically at night time when I go out I gravitate towards a silver, black smokey eye. Pearl combined with my favourite silver eyeshadow pops in every photo and I don’t have to worry about anything moving around.

As I said in my split pans post which you can read here, I hope that Becca ends up releasing this product in the shade Opal. I’m already obsese with using Opal (Pressed) on my lids and I am crossing my fingers to have a creamy eyeshadow base to match and help amplify it.

Are you going to pick up Becca Cosmetics’ Slimlights?
What’s one of your favourite eyeshadow bases or precise highlighting product?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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