A Quick Look Into My ColourPop Lip Collection

Oh ColourPop. So many gorgeous colours and formulas to choose from but you are so difficult to get your hands on in Australia. Fortunately for me a few of my friends and I placed finally an order together and split the shipping.

This is definitely an impromptu post because I only got my hands on these babies a couple days ago. After all of the anticipation and excitement, of course I started using them right away. I also decided to chuck my initial scheduled post for today out the window (just kidding, I’ll post it in the next couple of weeks), and upload this instead – A Quick Look Into My ColourPop Lip Collection

A Quick Look Into My ColourPop Lip Collection

A Quick Look Into My ColourPop Lip Collection

A Quick Look Into My ColourPop Lip Collection

Left to right: Trap | Beeper | Tulle | Alyssa | November | Lumiere | Bound

Something that I found fascinating about these products is that they all relatively look similar to one another when they’re in the packaging. When swatched and worn on the lips however, they completely change. Because I am terrible at describing colours, I’m not going to in this post because I would honestly be clutching at straws. I think the swatches speak for themselves!

I have no idea what has happened to me. This time last month I didn’t own one matte liquid lip product. Now I somehow have 5 and 3 are from ColourPop. Anyway, the reason why I was so hesitant is because I hate the feeling of cracked or stiff lips.

With ColourPop’s formula, that honestly isn’t a problem. The formula is smooth to apply, very pigmented and feels quite comfortable on the lips. Out of the three that I bought however I do notice that the formula for Trap is slightly runnier than the other two.

All of the colours that I decided to get seem to be cult favourites and that was pretty much the reason why I was curious. I’ve particularly had my eyes locked onto Beeper for quite a long time. The ultra matte formula is also by far the best for longevity.

Links to: Trap | Beeper | Tulle

This product is sumthin special. Don’t get me wrong, I love their Ultra Matte Lip, but this formula is slightly more creamy and moisturising, whilst giving a very similar finished lip look. Of course the Satin formula isn’t as matte, but I definitely comes close.

I ended up picking up two colours from Kathleen Lights’ new range just because I thought I might as well try something different. In terms of longevity, you will need to reapply some product after eating but not that much. Only a little bit comes off.

Links to: Alyssa | November

For these purchases I completely blame YouTube. I feel like most YouTubers who have used ColourPop have both of these particular shades. I find the formula to be really great but that the matte formula is slightly smoother. This range has the least longevity of the bunch.

Links to: Lumiere | Bound

Have you tried ColourPop before?
What’s one brand of products you wish you could try but you can’t easily get?

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