Zoeva Black Box Review

Zoeva Black Box* is a new release that I haven’t seen all that much hype about yet. I specifically say yet because I think this product is great for many types of people and it’s absolutely gorgeous to look at too. My prediction is that it’s going to catch on, in a pretty big way.

The Zoeva’s Black Box contains four gorgeously pigmented, easy to apply, smooth, black eyeliners. In the box you receive a liquid liner, kohl pencil liner, waterproof pencil eyeliner and the ultimate #wingonfleek felt tip eyeliner. This all in one product probably once existed in your dreams and has now become a very real, exciting thing to play with.

Zoeva Black Box Review

Zoeva Black Box Review

Zoeva Black Box Review

Zoeva Black Box Review

Zoeva Black Box Review

Left to right: Calli Graphic Black |  Soft Kohl Noir | Graphic Eyes Black To Earth | Cat Eye Pen

Let’s begin with the Calli Graphic Black liquid liner. Using this eyeliner, I get really good control. Many liquid liner brushes have a mind of their own and I’m very happy to say that this one listens. It’s sturdy and doesn’t bend all over the place. You’re able to get medium to thick eyeliner strokes and the formula dries matte.

Soft Kohl Noir in my opinion is a great product for those of you new to the world of makeup and aren’t sure where to begin with eyeliner. It looks like a typical pencil eyeliner, but there’s definitely a couple points of difference. The formula is very smooth and the best part is that you can use it in your waterline. One of the reasons why I actually haven’t waterlined in what seems like forever is because it always moved away to another part of my face. But nope, not this! It stays where you put it and feels comfortable to apply.

Graphic Eyes Black To Earth is smoother than the soft kohl liner and has a much creamier texture. I love using this for a smokey eye look because it’s very easy to blend, but then it sets. One bit of advice I’d give you though is definitely don’t pop this product in a handbag or anywhere near the sun because the liner formula itself is very delicate and it might become a bit fragile if exposed to warmth.

Out of the four liners, my favourite would have to be the Cat Eye Pen. I’m a sucker for felt tip liners and this is definitely one of the best I’ve ever used. The pigmentation is insanely black and the tip is very precise. This is a liner for us lazy girls who hate it when you have to go over your liner twice to make it really stand out. One shot is all you need and once the formula sets, it’s stuck there until you want it gone. You can also easily make a very thin, or thicker line depending on your preference.

Do you need the Zoeva Black Box? Um, yes you do. I think this is great for both ends of the spectrum. Those of you who love experimenting with different liners and also those of you who haven’t really used them before. It’s a great all in one pack to really find out what kind of eyeliner look, formula and technique is for you.

If you have oily eyelids or like wearing a bit of liner while you do sports, I also think this product is for you. Even though only Graphic Eyes is specifically highlighted for its waterproof properties, I also found that the Cat Eye Pen and the Soft Kohl Noir liner also needed to be removed by waterproof makeup remover.

Have you tried any Zoeva eye products before?
What’s your current favourite eyeliner?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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