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Today’s post is something that I am SUPER excited to share. I had a lot of fun creating this post and I actually found it quite inspiring, in a creative way. I felt like ‘hey Katina, you got dis. If you ever wanted to make a palette, gurl dis is IT.’

The Create Your Own Eyeshadow Palette Tag was created by the awesome Kat from Kitsch Snitch. You can read all of the info about the tag and see the palette that she wishes she could personally create, here.

I have a confession to make. I am a die hard for neutral palettes. All of the palettes I used in this tag might look similar to you, but for me, they all have their own special shades that I rock on a regular basis. To create my own 12 eyeshadow palette I used:
– Kat Von D’s Shade & Light Contour Kit
– Lorac’s Pro Palette (#1)
– Urban Decay’s Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes
– Stila’s In The Light Palette

Row 1 Left to Right: Naked 2 Foxy | Kat Von D Lucid | Stila in the Light Bliss | Naked 3 Limit | Lorac Pro Mauve | Kat Von D Sombre

Row 2 Left to Right: Stila in the Light Kitten | Naked 2 Verve | Naked 3 Mugshot | Kat Von D Shadowplay | Stila in the Light Sandstone | Naked 2 Blackout

The way that I decided to order my eyeshadows were in the way that I would usually apply them to my lids. I started with my under eyebrow highlight, crease transition shades, moving onto all over the lid, then the darker shades I’d use for stronger definition. I wasn’t really thinking about the finishes of the product (eg matte, shimmer, etc), but more so overall looks that I feel comfortable wearing.

Naked 2 Foxy is my favourite colour for putting under my brow bone. I feel like it always ties a look together. I usually use this product as the very first and very last product.

Kat Von D Lucid is what I use to set any eye primer or cream eyeshadow base. It’s always the base of my eye look.

Stila in the Light Bliss comes number one when it’s time to start my transition shade. It’s a lovely, light, neutral, brown.

Naked 3 Limit is also a transition shade that I really like. It’s more on the mauve side and brings a bit of warmth and rose to my eye look.

Lorac Pro Mauve is a step up from Limit and is a slightly darker mauve that I occasionally use as a transition shade or I might use it for blending later on in my look

Kat Von D Sombre is a cooler toned brown with a little more depth than Bliss.

Stila in the Light Kitten is my first shade that I love to swipe all over the lid. I use this with my finger because I feel like it has the most impact that way. No matter what eye look I decide to go for, I honestly have to try and drag myself away from this colour because I want to use it every single time. I’m probably addicted to this shade, but I’m not too concerned about that.

Naked 2 Verve was by far my first ‘signature’ eyeshadow. My friends would always know that if we were going out at night time, this would be on my lids. It lasts so long on my lids and the colour looks amazing in photographs.

Naked 3 Mugshot is a rose gold, mauve, shimmery shade. I use this when I want a nice warm eye look, all over the lid.

Kat Von D Shadowplay is something I love to darken up my look. It’s subtle, but I like to build up colour slowly.

Stila in the Light Sandstone is what I use for more depth in the outer corner. It is also my personal favourite when it comes to eyeshadow underneath my lower lash line. This makes my eye look really pop, and adds a bit of edginess to the look.

Naked 2 Blackout is my go to black shade. It’s matte, pigmented and really bad ass. I really love using this with Verve.

So there we have my eyeshadow palette!

As I said, I LOVED this tag so I’m definitely tagging some of my favourite blogs to take part. I am therefore tagging quite a few of you: Sarah – morethanadored, Sarah – bowsandpleats, Tahana – tahanalee, Daniela – missnewbeauty, Ash – thebeautycollection, Ashley – ashleymareebeauty,
Loi – loreebloom, Hanni – thehanihanii, & Jess – takenbysurprise.

I may have gotten carried away with the tagging, but I honestly just want to see so much haha!
If you could create your own eyeshadow palette, what are 2 must have shades you’d include?

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