First Impression With New Natura Siberica Products

Last year I had the privilege of trying some Natura Siberica goodies. I loved their
Oblepikha Maximum Volume Shampoo* especially and till this day I remember it’s beautiful scent.

When I was contacted by Natura Siberica this month to review some of their new products, of course I said yes. Clearly I couldn’t try them all, so I roamed around their website for a while and picked three to do a first impression post, which you are currently reading.

If you’ve never heard of Natura Siberica before, here’s a little bit of background information. Their products are born in Siberia and are made in Europe. They are all about using great, highly concentrated ingredients which actually make a difference to your skin and hair. If you’re someone that loves to know what they’re using on their bodies, I think that Natura Siberica is the brand for you.

Natura Siberica Northern Soap For Deep Facial Cleansing* and other goodies in the Northern Collection contain an abundance of good ingredients. The ingredients really spoke to me because I deal with acne scarring and puffiness. To name a few:
– Oblepikha Oil which helps with skin elasticity
– Siberian Cedar Oil which helps moisturise and strengthen the skin as it is high in vitamin E and vitamin P
-Flax Seed Oil which is great for anti-inflammatory purposes

Although this product is called Northern Soap, I used it more as a mask. I found this product quite interesting from the moment I opened it because it came with a sponge to apply the product to the face. As instructed, I wet the sponge, dip it into the soap and apply it sort of evenly to my face. Because this is a first impressions post, I didn’t have any past experience using this product so sadly my application looked a little patchy. I’m sure after using it a couple more times I’ll perfect it.

Something I quite liked about the soap was the scent. This cleanser reminds me of marzipan for some reason. I think if you’re looking for a good deep clean and you’re sick of charcoal products that smelt like burnt hair, you’ll really like this. The formula feels nice on the skin and it doesn’t go tight.My skin felt really good. Smooth, clean and unclogged. I saw a clear difference in my pores, which are usually quite congested.

After around 10 minutes, I removed the soap and I was really happy about how easy it was. I didn’t have stained skin and my sink didn’t turn black with too much residue either.

Natura Siberica Nourishing Facial Mask* smells great. When I opened it, I thought of vitamin c orange tablets (faintly) and it was also herby, fresh and floral. One of the main ingredients is Siberian Pine Oil so maybe that’s what I can smell.

The mask is really enjoyable to use because even though it applies like a thicker moisturiser, my body heat warms up the product. I find that it really sinks into the skin and feels a little warm. I liked it, so I decided to massage it into the skin for a while. After washing it off after 15 minutes, my skin looked quite refreshed and radiant. It also felt quite bouncy so I definitely feel like it soaked up a lot of the formula.

Last up and probably my favourite product of the bunch is the Natura Siberica Sophora Japonica Day Cream*. It goes on feeling quite similar to the face mask but after a while it completely sinks into the skin. The day cream leaves no white cast and the reason why I absolutely love it is because it dries matte. I also feel like it helped my pores appear smaller. Since trialling it initially for this post, I’ve used it a few times under makeup and I am 100% sold. Expect to be seeing more of this product in the future, because I’m hooked. As with the face mask, a main ingredient in this product is Siberian Pine oil.

If you’re interested in checking out Natura Siberica or any of the products in this post, click here or on the name of the products in this post.

Have you ever used Natura Siberica products before?
What are some of your favourite skincare products of the moment?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.
**This post was Sponsored by Natura Siberica however all opinions are 100% honest and my own. If you have been reading my blog for a while you would know about my constant skin problems. Thank you very much for understanding how this product aligns with me and my blog, For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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