Brands That I Need To Try More

I think I’ve admitted it a couple times here on the blog.. I’m a bit of a creature of habit. I find my favourite brand for each product and basically stick to it, unless something out there really grabs my attention. This can be good for my wallet, but not really for a sense of adventure.

Overtime, I’ve slowly picked up a few extra brands, but really only tried a product or two. This post is going to contain brands that I’ve tried some products from, been pretty impressed, and want to try more of in the future, or brands that I’d love to give a second chance.

Makeup Brands I Need To Try More, Makeup Brand Wishlist

The Too Faced Blush in Something About Berry is probably one of the most beautifully packaged products, the makeup world has ever seen. I mean, how can you go passed heart shaped packaging, bright pink, gold and shimmer, with an incredibly pigmented product inside!? I’ve loved using this blush for more dramatic looks and I definitely want to get my hands on a the Two Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palettes, more Sweetheart Blushes and a couple of their mascaras.

Oh Tarte, I really need to dig down into your products! As you can see, I just have the one lonely product from them being their Air Brush Bamboo Foundation Brush*. That in itself isn’t even that exciting so it really shows you how far I really need to go. I think Tarte is probably the brand I want to try the most. All of their eyeshadows, lip products and blushes, if possible..

Bareminerals has definitely impressed me with their eyeshadows. I featured their eyeshadow duo in Top Shelf and eyeshadow quad The Happy Place in a blog post here. I would say that their eyeshadows are some of the best quality products I have used in a super long time. They definitely deserve more recognition and hype here in the makeup world. As I suffer from quite acne prone, delicate, fussy skin, I would love to give some of their mineral foundation, bronzer and blushes a go. I’ve also seen many YouTubers and bloggers such as Claire Marshall talk about their lipsticks, so those are also on the list.

Possibly a controversial brand to mention in this post is Arbonne. I was sent a few products from their PR representatives in Australia and I am seriously impressed. I don’t think I would ever go through a consultant because I personally don’t agree with their selling tactics, but I would love to make some more lip product purchases from their site. Some of their products have become absolute holy grails for me. If you’d like to see a first impression and review post on some of their stuff I received last year, you can check that out here. This post here also shows my obsession with their Rose Smoothed Over Lipstick* in particular.

Last but not least, I need to venture off into the world of Nars. So many of their products look incredibly pigmented however I purchased their Narsissist cheek kit over a year ago and it was sadly unpigmented and a little bit shotty in my opinion. But, I have tried a couple of their other cheek products, nail polishes and I have also seen many gorgeous swatches, so I’m interested in their lip liners and lipsticks.

What are some brands that you’d love to try more of?
Have you tried any of these brands and come across disappointing products or products that you would 100% recommend?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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