Benefit Cheekathon Blush Kit

It is definitely no surprise to you guys that I am an absolute sucker for Benefit Cosmetics. The packaging is amazing, and their products are even better.

One of Benefit’s latest releases is their¬†Limited Edition¬†Cheekathon Blush Kit*. It contains four full sized blushes and a full size bronzer for $98AUD. Before you decide if you need to run out to the shops or do a sneaky online order, I thought I’d help you out with a review and of course, some swatches.


Left to right: Dandelion | Rockateur | Dallas | Coralista | Hoola

Cheekathon Kit Vs. Regular Boxed Blushes
Left to right: Dandelion | Coralista | Hoola

In this one kit, you get the Dandelion, Dallas, Coralista and Rockateur blushes, as well as the ever so famous Hoola Bronzer.

Prior to owning this kit, I already owned Dandelion, Hoola and Coralista. So, the new colours to me are Rockateur and Dallas. Keep in mind that all Benefit blushes are not intended to be extremely pigmented. They are just subtle additions to help add a bit of a flush of colour. However, they are all definitely buildable and they all come off the exact same on the face, as they do in the pan.

Dandelion is a very cute, subtle and soft pink. It only has a very teeny bit of shimmer.
Hoola is an incredible bronzer. You can use it all over the face or more precisely in areas that you wish to chizzle.
Rockateur is absolutely stunning. It gives the cheeks a gorgeous rose gold flush and highlight.
Dallas is probably the most natural blush on my cheeks. If you’re olive or tanned, you are going to love this.
Coralista is a lovely coral, peach colour that I absolutely love using during the summer.

What’s so great about this kit is that the products are full sized and fully pigmented. I’ve gotten into the trap of ‘kits’ where the products are chalky and not pigmented at all (cough Nars). Do not fear, you will not have that problem here! As you can see from the swatches, the pigmentation is the exact same as my normal Benefit Dandelion, Coralista and Hoola boxed products.

Who is this kit for? Quite a few people I think! If you’re a makeup artist, this would be a great versatile kit to have with you for clients. If you’re a sucker for cute packaging, I don’t have to say anything because the packaging speaks for itself! I also think if you haven’t tried any Benefit Cosmetics cheek products before, this is probably the best way to start. If you like to purchase kits because of value, think about this. One Benefit boxed blush will cost you around $51. but this entire kit is $98.

Because this is a limited edition product, make sure your rush in store to pick one up before they’re all sold out!

What is your favourite Benefit Cheek product?
What blush and bronzer are you currently loving?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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