Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Vs. Dew The Hoola

One product that is definitely much spoken about in the beauty community is Benefit Cosmetics Hoola*. Over a month ago, I myself never tried it. Why you ask? Well, I am naturally quite tanned and for some strange reason I just ruled it out. I thought it would either be too warm on my skin or wouldn’t show at all

What changed? The release of the new Benefit Cosmetics Dew The Hoola*. I received an amazing goodie package from Benefit Cosmetics Australia, which you can see here. I saw the two versions of Hoola and I thought, ah huh! Finally, the perfect opportunity to see if Hoola works for me.

After using these products for a month, I thought I’d make a comparison post so you can decide which is for you.

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Vs. Dew The Hoola

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Vs. Dew The Hoola

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Vs. Dew The Hoola

Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Vs. Dew The Hoola

Left: Original Hoola | Right: Dew the Hoola

Let me start by saying I’m obsessed with all Benefit Cosmetics Boxed blushes, so the fact that Hoola is incredibly, buttery smooth doesn’t surprise me at all. Although classified as a bronzer, you can definitely also consider using Hoola as a contour.

Dew The Hoola is a ‘soft matte liquid bronzer’. It can be used on bare skin or on top of foundation to give the face an all over bronze. It is intended to appear natural and sunkissed on the skin. After researching, I also read that some people use Dew the Hoola mixed in with their Tinted Moisturisers, and that also looks quite pretty. You could definitely say that there isn’t a specific use or rule for Dew the Hoola. This product is going to be great if you love experimenting with warmth.

One of the first things you notice about Dew The Hoola is that there is a pump. You’ll be glad to know that it dispenses a sensible amount of product. For me, one pump is good for both sides of my face.

From the comparison swatch, you can see that Dew the Hoola is slightly more warm and orange, than the regular Hoola which is more grey based. The name ‘Dew’ might also be a little bit confusing, because Dew the Hoola is more matte than the regular one. If you like a blurring effect, you’d probably like Dew the Hoola more.

When and how do I use Hoola vs Dew the Hoola? ¬†Both products are of extremely great quality and I do believe that they both have their own distinct purposes, but I probably wouldn’t use both of them together at the same time because I personally prefer more of a cooler look, with a little bit of bronze.

I would either use a cooler contour shade to do my initial face sculpting, and then go over with Hoola for a little bit of a bronzed look. Or, again I would do a cooler contour, and then use Dew the Hoola to warm up other areas of my face such as the boundaries, especially on my forehead.

I’d definitely repurchase both the regular Hoola and Dew The Hoola, but I’m sure that won’t be any time soon because you only need the smallest amount of either.

What do you think of these two products?
Have you used the regular Hoola before?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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