Top 5 Sigma Brushes of All Time

I have a confession to make, I own too many makeup brushes. Out of all of the brushes that I own, Sigma’s are right up there.  In today’s post i’ll be sharing with you my Top 5 Sigma Brushes of All Time.

Left to right: Sigma E35 | Sigma E37 | Sigma E40

Left to right: Sigma F05 | Sigma F35

Sigma All Over Blend Brush E37is usually the brush that I first start off with on my eyes. Sometimes you might need one brush to initially place the colour in the crease and then another to start the blending process. I find that this brush does both. It’s really good for precisely placing the shadow where I want it, and not too harshly at the same time. The E37 was actually a part of my February favourites. If you’d like to read that whole post, click here.

To begin making my crease shadows look softer, I use the Sigma Tapered Blending Brush E35. The hairs of the E35 are slightly denser than my E40 which helps with blending precision. Sometimes I have the problem of using too fluffy of a brush and I end up blending everything, when all I wanted to blend was the crease. Am I the only one with this problem!? Anyway, this brush solves that. It begins blending and softening exactly what I want.

The brush that really pulls the whole eye look together for me is the Sigma Tapered Blending E40 Brush. After I’ve used the E37 and E37 for precision, this is the one that gives me that lovely feathering and beautiful meshing of all the colours I’ve used on my eyes. Sometimes when I want a more natural look, I’ll skip the E37 and E35 all together and just use my E40. I actually own two of these because I just love them so much. I usually place a light brown crease colour on one and then use the other clean.

The Sigma Small Contour F05 Brush is the perfect density and size to define my contour. It’s more natural than those type of brushes that follow the shape of a NARS Ita, Having said that, this brush definitely can build up a strong contour too. To me, this is a great safe brush because you can start off small and work your way up. This helps me avoid a chalky, muddy mess.

Last up is my precious Sigma Tapered Highlight F35. A while ago, I commented how some brushes show my highlight and how some brushes just swallow up the product making me think where did that highlight go. This brush, is the perfect highlighting brush. The shape is so perfect to just give that little highlight sweep wherever you want on the face. It doesn’t make the product come out too dense.

What are some of your favourite Sigma brushes of all time?
What’s your favourite make up brush brand?

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