The Ultimate Haircare Routine

To begin this post, let me just say that I used to use heat tools on my hair every single day. The last couple of years, I can barely remember the times I’ve reached for a hair dryer or straightener. I probably stopped using heat because I knew it was damaging my hair, but in all honesty, the main reason was that I could no longer be bothered. Here you have my super quick, ultimate haircare routine, without heat!

For starters I’d also like to mention that these products are hair colour friendly, weehoo! Incase you missed it, here’s a post of my latest hair transformation.

I like to keep it super simple in the shower. Shampoo and conditioner is all I really need for my hair. Occasionally, I’ll reach for a mask, but that’s not really in my routine so let’s skip over that shall we?

I’ve been using this great range from Tigi called S Factor Diamond Dreams*. Both their Shampoo and Conditioner are amazing. The shampoo gives my hair a really good clean without stripping the hair while the conditioner gives my hair the needed moisture, without getting oily. That’s a really difficult combination to find as my hair is like my face sadly very, very oily. This combo in itself is probably my favourite thing in this whole routine because when I feel lazy the next day, I can actually get away without washing my hair, which is usually impossible. I’ve tried many shampoos and conditioners this past year, thinking they were great, but now that I’ve got this range in my life, nothing compares. It also smells like yummy papaya (not straight up natural papaya, just sweet goodness really).


So within this haircare routine, I have two separate out of the shower routines

The first, I spray salt spray all over. I do not hold back with this stuff. My absolute favourite is the Charles Worthington Style Salt Spray*. I’ve tried a few salt sprays and one of them is the ever so popular Fudge Salt Spray. I did a comparison of the two products here. But basically, this ones awesome. The Charles Worthington one actually holds the texture. It doesn’t have a funny smell and it also isn’t sticky. I absolutely love just tying my hair up while scrunching it, letting it out and seeing these great curls and textures when I take my hair down. So that’s pretty much all I do on some days out of the shower. Salt spray, and walk on out of the house.

The second routine involves a few products which give my hair a more polished look. As my hair is still wet, I first reach for the Muk Head Muk 20 in 1 Miracle Treatment*. For the longest time, I used natural oils but I found that some of them refused to sink in and would actually leave me in a oily mess. This miracle treatment, doesn’t do that. I give it a shake, get one pump of this stuff and run it through my hair. It’s definitely a multipurpose product. Not saying I can pick out each of the 20 benefits. However, my hair feels incredibly smooth, is nice and shiny but not oily, has no frizz and looks pretty voluminous.

Next, the Goldwell Dry and Wet Bodifying Spray*. Have you guessed that I like textured hair? This is a more polished sort of hair look, but wow I do not want to be looking flat! I used to think that you needed some fancy hair drying equipment or a curling wand to add some volume, but this is all I need. I spray it on my roots, give it a scrunch and that’s it!

Last up, another goodie from the Tigi S Factor Range*. This time, it’s their Papaya Leave-In Moisture Spray. I know I’m oily and I know I already used my miracle treatment, but I do love moisture. One thing I can’t stand is when my hair looks too dry after cleaning it. This just adds that extra bit of lusciousness to my hair and it makes my hair even more smooth.

Do you know of any good products for coloured hair?
Do you use any of these haircare products also?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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