Ghd Advanced Split End Therapy Review

We all unfortunately have our own battle with split ends and own ‘remedies’. What if I could tell you that Ghd has created a product that you can use, along side heat, to help prevent and help reduce those pesky ends? Well, keep on reading to see my Ghd Advanced Split End Therapy Review*.

Ghd Advanced Split End Therapy Review

Earlier this month, I posted my Ultimate Haircare Routine which you can read here. In that post, I mentioned that I barely use heat on my hair because I am a lover of air drying. I’m also a little bit scared of using too much heat in case I cause too much damage. Oh how things change in such a small amount of time!

I received this product a couple weeks ago and ever since, I’ve been really into straightening my hair again. The Ghd Advanced Split End Therapy is one of those magical formula products to me. You don’t exactly know how it all works, but you love it and trust it. To me, this product is like a little leave in moisturiser that I use on my ends, whenever I’m using heat.

After lightly and delicately towel drying my hair, I go in with a heat protectant spray. I then squeeze a bit of the split end therapy in my hair and apply it to the tips of my hair. I still do my best to let my hair air dry on its own and I then go in with my straightener, focusing on the tips.

By running the straightener over the ends, it’s supposed to lock in or seal the therapy to give a long lasting benefit. I can’t personally say that I have seen results for up to 10 days as claimed, but I can definitely tell you that I have received compliments about my hair. I’ve been told that it looks really healthy and radiant. I totally agree and my hair just feels soooo smooth.

It probably isn’t a product that can absolutely banish your split ends, but by the looks of it, I feel like this product can really help prevent and disguise them. If you’re lazy like me and wait quite a few months for a haircut, this is probably a great product for you.

You can pick the Ghd Advanced Split End Therapy from RY Cosmetics here for $35 AUD.

Do you use a lot of heat on your hair?

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