Entertainment Book

For more than 10 years, my family and I have purchased an Entertainment Book. I’m sure you would have heard the name quite a bit, but just incase you aren’t 100% sure what they’re all about, let me help.

Entertainment Book

Before I swamp you with an abundance of information, I want to let you know that sales of these memberships help contribute to charities and other good causes, so please keep reading.

The Entertainment Book which is now also available in a digital membership, in simple terms is an amazing discount and coupon service. And no, not the type of discounts or coupons that you will never use, but great deals for things that you probably do on the regular.

For example, there is three sections on food from everything fine dining, to cafe and fast food. You also get amazing discounts on some shops, accommodation, magazines, flights, activities such as bowling or movies, gift cards and more.

I am so excited and honored to let you know that Entertainment actually reached out to me, so now I can help contribute! I receive absolutely nothing in return if you use my link. Infact, the people that gain from you using the link and purchasing a membership, is the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. They will receive 20% of every sale, because they are my chosen charity. Depending where you live in Australia or New Zealand, the membership is $50-70 AUD. The amazing thing is that after using your membership a few times, you’ve already saved more in discounts than from your initial purchase.

For example these are just a look at a couple coupons from the 2015-2016 membership that we’ll all probably understand! So after just using these coupons (from an incredibly large book), I’ve already received $60 worth of discounts AND also donated to charity.

Entertainment Book

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. I know it’s quite a bit of information to take in but I mean, why not donate to charity and in the process be rewarded with great discounts that you and your whole family can use too, right!? A great thing I’d like to mention too is that if you feel really passionate about a charity, you can begin your own fundraiser too! You can also raise money for social clubs and schools through selling your own memberships as well.

If you would like to purchase your own Membership for 2016-2017, click here to visit my order page, so we can donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation together, weehoo!

Unsure about Book Membership vs Digital Membership? This is what I think! I’ve had the book membership for 10 years but sometimes I end up somewhere and don’t even realise that they’re a contributing business. Or, I rip out discounts and lose them! If this sounds like something you’d do, I go for the digital membership.

Thanks again to Entertainment for providing me with a Digital Membership* for this year.

Have you ever purchased an Entertainment membership before?
What do you think?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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