6 of The Best Essie Nail Polishes

When it comes to nails, I’m sure I’m not the only person that becomes ridiculously obsessed with a nail brand or nail range. Once that happens, it’s game over and you literally want to buy every shade, ever released.

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but honestly, my love for Essie Nail Polishes is never ending. I have a collection that’s probably almost 40 strong (I know), but these are 6 of The Best Essie Nail Polishes, in my opinion anyway.

6 of The Best Essie Nail Polishes, Best Essie Nail Polishes

6 of The Best Essie Nail Polishes, Best Essie Nail Polishes
Left to right: Chinchilly | Nothing Else Metals | Flowerista*

6 of The Best Essie Nail Polishes, Best Essie Nail Polishes
Left to right: Stroke of Brilliance | Bikini So Teeny | Blossom Dandy*

There is a few reasons why I really love Essie nail polishes.

#1 Their amazing range
Like I said, I have about 40 shades. But if you head in store or even browse their collections online, you’ll be swamped with all your choices. If there’s a colour you’re after, Essie probably has it.

#2 The wide brush
Around a year ago they changed their brush. It’s now wide and super easy to use. Each nail probably only needs a couple strokes until the whole nail is covered and the brush does a great job at making sure it’s really evenly applied.

#3 It dries quickly
Usually when I paint my nails I get scared about letting one coat dry before applying the next. Sometimes I wait a few hours, but with Essie by the time I’m finished painting one hand, the other is dry.

#4 It takes around a week to start chipping The lasting time is pretty amazing. I make sure I start off with really good nail routine. If you’d like to see my latest and greatest nail routine click here. Following this routine, I can sometimes get one week without chips, or maybe even two if I’m really lucky. That’s practically unheard of for normal nail polish, so Essie is definitely onto a winner with their formula.

Here in Australia, you can purchase Essie nail polishes from priceline for $16.95 AUD. Click here to browse some shades.

What’s your favourite Essie shade?
What’s your favourite nail polish brand or range?

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