This and That, Chit Chat February 2016

Lately I’ve seen lots of bloggers do weekly, fortnightly or monthly catch ups with their readers. This really inspired me to do the same! So hello to a new series called This and That, Chit Chat.

Basically I’ll be filling you in about my life, the blog, my instagram, ideas, goals, random thoughts, so anything that comes to mind really!

After using this blog for a solid year now, I think it’s about time I introduce some sort of order. From now on, you can expect a new post every Sunday and Wednesday. If there’s ever anything that I’m too excited for or if you have a request, I’ll definitely pop in a couple extra posts, here and there.

#2 РThe recent katinalindaa instagram changes 
If you’re following me on my instagram here, you may have noticed that the past month and a bit I’ve been trying, really really really hard to mix up my content. I’m beginning to throw in lots of more food and ‘travel’ posts. I say ‘travel’ and not travel, because sometimes it’s just me exploring the city or going on a one hour drive. But sometimes, it might be something far more exotic and exciting. The reason for this mix up is I just feel like I have a lot more to share than just beauty. You guys seem to be liking it, so thanks for that! I’ll slowly try to integrate more food and ‘travel’ here on the blog too, hopefully!

#3 – I still don’t have my license – urgh
I’m 21 now and in Melbourne, Australia, you’re able to go for your license at 18. To say that I’m a bit slow in the driving department is probably a bit of an understatement. Don’t get me wrong – I have driven and I like driving. I just always forget too. Like it isn’t instinctive. For example, my parents will want to go out and I just hop in the backseat without even giving it a thought! I always end up kicking myself when we get home thinking, I should have driven and gotten more experience so I can go for my test – ah! So, I was wondering.. Do any of you have some tips / motivation to help me actually remember and want to get behind the wheel!? Before I start full time work, it’s pretty much number one on my to do list because I really don’t want to limit where I can work because I can’t drive there and I can only use public transport.

#4 – My skin has definitely gone down hill for now
For many years I’ve been battling against my acne and sadly it is currently winning. Usually in summer my skin improves because the sun helps get rid of any nasties, but the weather in Melbourne has been so temperamental that it’s really, really unhappy. I feel like this month and the next is going to be filled with skincare experiments, so expect to see quite a few skincare posts.

What’s new with you?
What are your thoughts about the post schedule and katinalindaa instagram changes?


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