Sigma Express Cleaning Glove vs Sigma Express Cleaning Mat

Let’s all admit one thing together. We hate to clean our makeup brushes. I know, it has to be done, but wow is it tedious, right? Today’s post is going to be a Battle of the Sigma Express Cleaning Glove and Sigma Express Cleaning Mat. I love both, but you probably don’t need both.

A few months ago I received and reviewed the Sigma Express Cleaning Glove which you can read here. Quick summary, I loved it. Since having it, I haven’t used anything else because it’s so easy and quick. Plus, it also does a great job.

I now have a new addition to the brush cleaning family – The Sigma Express Brush Cleaning Mat.
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Left: Sigma Express Cleaning Glove | Right: Sigma Express Cleaning Mat

For starters, let’s get the price out there. Both of these products are $25 each.

They are super similar products. They both have little patterns and textures which you run your brushes over to give them a good clean. The little bumps help get out all of the dirt, bacteria, foundation, blush, anything virtually from your brushes. I honestly just use a bit of hand antibacterial soap – it’s great.

Simply put, it’s a fancy glove that you turn inside out depending on the types of brushes you’d like to wash. One side is for eye brushes, whilst the other is for larger face brushes. As you literally need to put one hand in the glove, this makes brush washing super similar to what you’re probably already used to. Instead of running the brush against your hand, you run it against the glove. The difference is that your hand will be less wet, and your brushes will be much cleaner than usual.

Who should buy it? If you have a small collection of brushes, you’d like to be more in in control, and gentle I’d suggest the glove. If you’d like to see my initial, full indepth review, click here

Now I personally think this is a level up of the glove. Same idea, same little bumps and textures, same level of cleanliness, but much much quicker. This mat has suction cups which secure onto the sink. Therefore, you don’t need to hold it and you have two hands. Aka 2 machines to clean 2 brushes at a much quicker speed. I like to put a bit of soap on two brushes, pop one in each and go through the motions, then rinse each of them separately. Okay, that might sound a bit mechanic so you can also just do one at a time, I guess.

The best part of this is that your hand doesn’t get wet and the mat itself is easier to use as you don’t have to flip it inside out. For example, with the glove if you wash all of your face brushes, turn it to the eye side and then realise you forgot to wash a face brush, you have to keep flipping it.

Who should buy it? I personally think this is the winner, so I’d say anyone. But I’d especially say that anyone with probably over 10 brushes in rotation all the time, you need dis. It cuts down so much time, no more annoying wet hand and you can multi task!

What do you use to clean your brushes?
What do you think of these two products?

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