Best of Beauty 2015

2015 has been quite the year for beauty releases. I think my obsession with makeup definitely grew this year and my expanding makeup collection probably speaks for itself!

Here is my Best of Beauty 2015 post. Not all of these products were released in 2015, but they’re definitely my favourites for this year.

Whats a yearly favourites or best off post without an eyeshadow palette!? Earlier this year, I was in debate whether to pick up Urban Decay’s Naked 3 because I already had Naked 2. After seeing so many tutorials and gorgeous eye looks by my friends, I decided it was time. Since having this palette, I’ve barely touched my Naked 2 or Lorac Pro. Something about this palette is just so damn gorgeous! Its buttery, pinky, warm, eyeshadow goodness. Definitely recommend it.

Becca Cosmetics Champagne Pop. Do I really need to say more? I’m a creature of habit with my highlighters so I’ve honestly been using the same one for the past year. But now, oh my gosh. If you own many highlights and you’re debating over whether or not to get it, you honestly need to. I’ve never owned anything as pigmented as this highlighter. I suspect that I’ll be using this highlighter for a very, very long time.

Arbonne Cosmetics Smoothed Over Lipstick in Rose. Despite all the rubbish you hear and see online about their products and a small minority of Arbonne representatives, their products are really good. This lipstick has been my number one go to all of this year. It’s a gorgeous purply-pinky colour that I think would look incredible on all skin tones. The texture is ridiculously smooth and as you can see from the swatch, super pigmented.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation is still my favourite high end foundation. Recently, I attended a few events and I finished applying my makeup at 3pm. After the event, I then went to an outdoor cinema. Came home around midnight, and my makeup was still matte. Considering that I’m 100/10 oily, how incredible is that!? If you want to read more about this foundation and my opinion, read here.

Maxfactor Face Finity Primer is probably the number one product that I’ve been praising this year. No matter what skin type or who asks me, if anyone ever needs a primer, get this one. It’s an amazing moisturising texture so your makeup goes on very smooth, but it sinks into your skin and isn’t oily. It also has SPF20 which is always a plus.

Last up, two brushes. Sigma Tapered Highlighter F35 and Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection #30. I found that before these two brushes, all of them were just so-so on my skin. These two brushes pick up the exact right amount of highlighter and dispurse it so evenly and flawlessly.
What products are in your best of beauty for 2015?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.
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