Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit

I’m someone who has completely oily skin and quite enlarged pores. You can imagine that I was quite excited to hear of an all ine one kit to combat both of these problems. Say hello to the Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit*, which has been kindly gifted from Luxola*.

Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit

Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit

Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit

The Operation Pore-Proof Kit contains cute sized:
– The Porefessional
– The Porefessional: Agent Zero Shine
– The Porefessional: License to Blot
– DR. Feelgood
– Shy Beam

Starting off with the porefessional goodies. The original Porefessional Primer is of a silicone texture, which is intended to smooth onto the skin, filling in the pores for smooth makeup application. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this stuff. Sometimes it works wonderfully on me and sometimes it actually makes my base a little slippery, so I usually opt for it during the cooler months. One thing that is a definite positive of this primer is that my pores do look less noticeable. If you are anything but on the extreme side of oily, you’d love this all year round. It’s super easy to use because you just dot a bit on your face and rub it in.

The Porefessional License to Blot is an incredible product that I discovered earlier this year. You lightly dab this product on your oily areas and before you know it you look all matte and lovely again.

The next product is probably my favourite of the bunch. The Porefessional Agent Zero Shine has been on my wishlist radar for so so long. This powder is a miracle powder that just appears to soak up all of the shine and oiliness, without leaving a white cast. You can swipe this on straight after makeup application or keep it with you during the day like I do.

Dr. Feel Good comes in what looks like lip balm packaging, but it is definitely not lip balm! This product is a ‘weightless balm’ that you put on top of your makeup or wear alone to help keep you looking matte. After a bit of online investigation, it also looks like some people use this underneath foundation too as a primer. It’s definitely an interesting texture because it is a balm, so it feels quite moisturising and smooth. I was a bit worried thinking that it would make me oilier, but I was actually pleasantly surprised. I’ve tried this both on top and underneath my makeup and I personally prefer it underneath. I find that it makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and whatever I put on top stays matte just that little bit longer. I would also probably have to say that I prefer Dr Feel Good more than the original Porefessional Primer.

Last but not least, Shy Beam. Years ago for my debutante, I remember having my makeup done and this highlighter was used. I loved how my face looked overall, but honestly, back then I knew absolutely nothing about makeup so that’s probably why I haven’t considered this product since. Wow, I am happy that it is in this kit. This highlighter is a gorgeous pearl colour that honestly makes my cheekbones look lovely. At the same time, this is a matte highlighter so it is probably perfection for all of us oily skinned makeup lovers. I’m usually not one for liquid highlighters but I can definitely see myself reaching for this product quite a lot now.

Something that I also really like about this kit is the Tips and Tricks booklet which is really helpful, especially if you’re a makeup beginner.

If you’re curious to see more amazing Benefit goodies that Luxola is now stocking exclusively on their website, have a wander over to their online store by clicking here.

I think that if you haven’t tried many Benefit Cosmetics products before, if you’re new to makeup or if you have enlarged pores / oily skin, this kit is definitely for you!

What do you love using for your oily skin or enlarged pores?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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