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Quite some time ago I made a post on the Australis Contour Kit, asking and answering if it was worthy of the hope. If you saw that post, you’d know that I hated it. When I heard of the Models Prefer Contour Kit, I knew that had to purchase it straight away. The price range of the two is fairly similar, they look almost identical, and both of them are spoken about quite a lot.

When it comes to packaging, this is your standard rectangular shape with highlighter shades in the top row and contour shades in the bottom row. Most contour kits are of a black matte material whereas this one is black and reflective. I personally like this better as it is easier to keep clean and give a quick wipe down when the time comes. Like most, this contour kit comes with an instructional manual or a how to contour guide. This one has a pretty decent booklet with quite a few pages with advice depending on the shape of your face. As you can also see from the above photo, there is also a sneak peak of some instructions on the back of the box.

One thing that totally bugs me about some contour kits is that the colours looked nice in the pan but are muddy when you try to apply them. The Models Prefer Contour Kit however is silky smooth. The colours glide on and blend effortlessly rather than staying stuck in one harsh line.

Five out of the six colours in this palette are really good. The last colour for me is slightly too orange, but you might not have the same problem. Going through each of the five shades that I use, lets start with the first row.

Looking at the first row on the left, I use this as an all over the eyelid colour as well as the shade I use to highlight under my brow bone after I have finish applying my eyemakeup. The middle banana colour is my go to for setting my under eye concealer and highlighting any other areas that I’ve applied my highlighting concealer.

The final colour in the top row is perfecto for highlighting the top of my cheek bones. Second row, first colour I use more as a bronzer where as the middle colour is what I use for the majority of my cheek sculpting. I find that it’s the perfect grey-brown and it creates that nice shadow that I’m looking for, but it isn’t muddy or dirty.

Well then, do I think that the Models Prefer Contour Kit is worthy of all the hype? Yes! The quality is incredible and if you’d like to know: Contour kits Australis vs Models Prefer, 100% Models Prefer!

I should also mention that the Models Prefer Contour Kit is around $17 from Priceline, which I think is exceptionally cheap for such a good product!

What’s your favourite contour kit?

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