Sigma Spa’s New Express Cleaning Glove

In today’s post I’ll be letting you know about how Sigma’s New Express Cleaning Glove* has made my brush cleaning life a whooooole lot easier.

Cleaning makeup brushes is definitely one of the most (if not the most) tedious tasks we all have to do on quite a regular basis. To put it in other words, its a pain in the a#$! Your hand becomes soggy and wrinkled because it takes you a solid hour or two depending on how many brushes that you have. But, now it’s so easy!

Before having this cleaning glove, this is how I cleaned my brushes. I would stand over my bathroom sink, run the warm water, put soap in hand, run the brush under the water, swirl around the brush in my hand, rinse, squeeze excess water out *takes breath* and do it all over again another 5000 times. As mentioned earlier, yep my hand became the saggiest of sag and wrinkliest of wrinkled up hands.

The first time I used this glove, I fell in love. Some of my brushes have been so incredibly stubborn over the years to the point where they refuse to turn back their original colour. As you’ll see from the following before and after photos, this glove fixed it all.

How exactly does this product work? Well my friends! This glove is reversible. One side of the glove is for face brushes, whilst the other is more appropriate for eye brushes. There are 7 different textures which allow brushes to go under the process of wash, rinse, refine, rinse, refine plus, rinse. Or, if you’re a little lazy like me just wash, rinse, refine and give a thorough rinse. The various textures really help give a deep clean, not just on the tip of the brush hairs but the entire bristles themselves. The glove was not harsh and did not result in any shedding whatsoever.

Left is the face brush side | Right is the eye brush side

Price wise, its $25 and can be purchased from the Sigma website here.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this if you have a lot of brushes and are sick of brush cleansing taking too much of your precious time. Especially if you’re someone like a MUA – you need dis.

Have you used any of Sigma’s Cleaning Glove’s before?
How do you clean your brushes?

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