Real Techniques Bold Metals Review

Last week I was luckily one of the attendees at the Melbourne Real Techniques Bold Metals launch. Aside from getting to nibble on delicious canapes, have a few sneaky glasses of wine and hear about these amazing brushes, we were also blessed with an incredible goodie bag; filled with the entire range. Today’s post is a Real Techniques Bold Metals Review. You’ll find out whether these babies are as good as they look.


Real Techniques Bold Metals Range* is intended to be a ‘luxe makeup brush collection, designed for precision performance’, which is something that I definitely noticed as soon as I picked up these brushes at the event. The first thing is that these brushes are much heavier than your normal brushes. They feel sturdy and solid. The bristles are dense, yet incredibly soft. For anybody wondering, the bristles are made from the highest grade synthetic brush fibres available.

The shape of these brushes for starters is something I would love to mention. Towards the bristle side of the brush, the handle is round. Moving towards the end of the brush, the handle slowly becomes more square. What’s amazing about this, especially for you my fellow blogger readers, is that not only are these brushes easier to grip, but this shape is also intended to allow these brushes to stay in one place while we take all of our photos! What a win win situation. What I found was that this idea is super efficient, especially for the larger brushes.

This collection comes in three colour ranges, which are coloured coded depending on the area of application – which is fantastic for all of us who can sometimes get confused and wonder ‘what is this brush even for..’ or is that maybe just me!? Firstly we have gold for the base, silver for the eyes and lastly rose gold for the finish. My particular favourite finish for the brushes is of course the rose gold babies.

The full range of brushes:
– 100 Arched Powder
– 101 Triangle Foundation
– 200 Oval Shadow
– 201 Pointed Crease
– 202 Angled Liner
– 300 Tapered Blush
– 301 Flat Contour

Out of the entire range of brushes, my favourite one would have to be the 101 Triangle Foundation Brush. This brush is just honestly like nothing I’ve ever tried before. On one side of the brush you have a flat surface to apply your foundation to obviously the flatter areas of your face. The other side is where the magic comes in. Being angled, you can easily either contour or apply foundation to the more stubborn areas like around your nose. For me, I like to use this foundation brush as a starting point to apply my foundation, however because I am forever in the ‘beauty blender cult’, I finish up with patting down and blending everything in with my beauty blender.

Probably the only downside to these brushes for many of us can be the price range. For example the Arched Powder brush is $65 AUD. However, I do really love the expression of ‘you get what you pay for’ and the quality of these brushes definitely speaks quality to me.

After using these brushes a couple times my favourite is as I said the 101 Triangle Foundation. I also love the 301 Flat Contour brush because it perfectly finds my super small area of natural contour and helps me emphasise it without me looking like a chiselled sculpture. All of the brushes blend effortlessly, don’t shed when washing them and are just a joy to apply makeup with.

To all of my Aussies, the Bold Metals Collection is available online now, exclusively at the Real Techniques Australian Website and will be available in Priceline from late August.

Are you interested in picking up this gorgeous collection?
What are your favourite Real Techniques or other brand of brushes?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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