Foreo Luna vs Clarisonic

For what seems like an eternity, I have had quite problematic skin. I’ve tried different creams, types of medication, visited skin specialists and basically everything else under the sun. There seems to be quite a few facial cleansing devices on the market, but the two that I hear the most about are The Foreo Luna* for Sensitive Skin and the Clarisonic Mia. Today’s post is the Foreo Luna vs Clarisonic. I’m going to compare the two, tell you how they reacted with my skin and hopefully help give you some suggestions.

How do you use these devices? 
Both of these devices can be used twice daily. However, I personally use these once daily, just before I sleep. They both help prepare the skin, making it I guess ‘ready’ to absorb all of the serums, oils, moisturisers etc that I use. I also tend to use these devices after makeup removal for an extra clean.

With the Clarisonic Mia, I wet the brush, pop a bit of cleanser on the brush head, wet my face and also add a little bit of cleanser to my skin. With the Luna, I wet my face, add cleanser to my face and wet the Luna.

Which is easier to use? 
I would probably say that the Clarisonic is easier to use as it has a few less steps and options. This particular model is the Mia which essentially only has an on and off button. When you turn the Clarisonic on, it stays on for a specified amount of time and then switches off.

The Luna has a couple different settings. For example, when the device is off if I tap the button once, it is ready to perform skin cleaning. If I tap the button three times, the device is better for anti-ageing qualities.

What happened when I used the Clarisonic MIA? 
I initially trialled the Clarisonic MIA with a normal brush head and I think that was my mistake. My skin is really sensitive and I had hormonal, cystic acne and active breakouts. I think because the brush was too hard, it made my skin purge for much too long and sadly my skin got worse. I am determined though to give my Clarisonic another shot though because I have heard so many great things. I just really need to get my hands on more brush heads.

What happened when I used the Foreo Luna? 
I found the Luna to be much more gentle. I’ve been using the Luna for over a month now and have honestly had no real purging stage, but my skin has been appearing more vibrant and less upset with me. Even after changing climates from Melbourne winter to European summer and back again, my skin has been looking and feeling really good.

Which would I suggest? 
To be honest, I find them to be both quite similar when it comes to cleaning the face and preparing my skin. But I think there are a couple other factors to think of

Clarisonic if:
– You want flexibility and options for other brush heads if your skin changes monthly etc
– You can share the device easily with your family (you can each have your own brush head)
– You really want heavier makeup removal

Luna if:
– You travel because one charge = 300 months of use vs Clarisonic which is about 25 uses
– You have very gentle skin

If you’re interested in purchasing a Foreo Luna for yourself use KATL10 for 10% off here.

Have you used a Claraionic or Foreo Luna before?

*The Foreo Luna has been provided in consideration for a review. This is not a sponsored post however, the discount code provided above does provide me with a ten percent commission. For more information please view my disclaimer.


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  • I enjoy using the Clarisonic MIA, but I agree about the brush head feeling abrassive (and I don't have sensitive skin), and the brush head getting stained easily. It's definitely concerning, so I always wash it with anti-bacterial soap after use, but the staining doesn't go away. I wish I had looked into the Foreo Luna though, I love that you don't need to be replacing any brush heads and it seems a lot more sanitary! Thanks for the comparison review, so helpful! xx

    Daniela |