SOS Skincare For Travel

As you’d know from my last post, I’m currently away in Europe. If you would love to see the makeup that I decided to pack away with me, you can check that post out here. In todays post, I’ll be showing you my travel skincare picks and focusing in particular on some items that I especially love when I travel to deliver some much needed TLC. Basically, this is my post on SOS Skincare For Travel

Beginning with cleaning my skin of makeup, sunscreen and all that summer sweat (sorry but its’s true), I decided to bring my Innoxa Organic Gentle Cleansing Gel*. Ever since trying this, I’ve used it and replaced my old cleansers. This is such an amazing cleanser, that is in fact gentle. It leaves your skin clean but not tight and dry. I also decided to bring my Foreo Luna for Sensitive Skin*. I just received it and I will be putting it to the test for about a month or so. I’ll then bring you a Foreo Luna vs Clarisonic post. Excited!? I love pairing the Innoxa Cleansing Gel with my Luna so far and I’m excited to see results.

In the two bottles I transferred my Bioderma Micellar Water and my trusty and INCREDIBLE Garnier 2 in 1 Waterproof Eyemakeup Remover. To be completely honest, I would have taken Garnier Micellar Water instead of the Bioderma one because I much prefer that, but I ran out. 

Now more onto the SOS Skincare. Firstly, we have my trusty Rosehip oil. Any brand will do, I’m just taking this Essano Rosehip Oil* because I always take this one on holidays. It doesn’t leak and it’s already half empty / half full. Rosehip oil just works like nothing else to really deliver a ton of moisture to my skin. I especially lather this on before I sleep. I also decided to pack with me my Innoxa Organic Hydrating and Anti-ageing Serum*. If you’ve noticed the recurring Innoxa Organic theme, I really do love this range. This particular product is so lovely and thick, therefore also very moisturising. Although I am oily, my skin goes so dry when I travel. Sadly, I forgot to photograph my Neutrogena Hydro Boost but do not fear I have it packed with me. It was just chilling in my bathroom and it slipped my mind. Don’t have much to say, I love it immensely and you’d all know that by now.

Lastly, we all need a good mask when we travel. My absolutely FAVOURITE MASK of all time is the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask*. I have a whole post on it here but it honestly smells and feels so incredible. I don’t know how often its supposed to be used in a week, but I’m so greedy that I use it nearly every night.

What do you pack skincare wise when you travel?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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