My Travel Makeup Essentials

By the time you’re reading this, I’m miles away soaking up the European summer sunlight. I wanted to prepare a couple posts and I thought what better than some travel posts.

I’ve been very blessed to have gone on a couple holidays with my family most years so I think by now I have a system that works pretty well. One thing that I make sure I do is not overpack. For me personally, I find it so silly packing away that gorgeous eye palette that’s been sitting in my drawer that I want to rock out and try. I don’t end up using it. Whatever I pack, I use a lot when I’m at home. If anything, I might bring a ‘different’ sort of lipstick to mix it up. And lets be honest, by ‘different’ I mean not MLBB

These are the goodies that I’ve decided to pack with me to take on my three week European adventure.


For starters, lets begin with the cute bag. It is the Jet Set Travel Bag From Mecca Cosmetica and I know what you’re thinking, $50 does seem a bit much for a travel bag. But I do travel a lot and really, how adorable is it!? As you can see from the above photos it has two compartments. One deep section and a smaller section which is perfect to fit a palette as well as a couple other bits.

Now into the actual makeup that I decided to bring with me hey.

Face wise of course I had to opt for my Maxfactor Face Finity All Day Primer* and Covergirl Trublend Foundation* in m6. The primer is incredible and I use it virtually everytime I wear makeup. If you’d like to see other primers that I suggest / do not suggest for oily skin click here. The Covergirl Trublend foundation is my favourite foundation of all time. It keeps my skin from getting oily, it looks good during the day and night, so really all bases covered (no pun intended). Not photographed, I also took a teeny bit of my Ysl Fusion Ink Foundation in a small liquid proof container incase I want to mix it up. The powder I’m deciding to take is the Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder which is so incredibly fine, leaves no white cast and also helps me from getting oily. Lastly, the concealer I’m taking is my trusty Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer for dem eye bags. 

In terms of contour, highlight and blush, my Face of Australia Glamazon Duo has both a highlight and contour shade that I adore. Love 2 in 1’s for travel! I’m also taking a sample size of my Bare Minerals Skinny Dip Bronzer which I’ve been really enjoying lately and lastly my favourite blush of all time, my Essence Blush in 80 Autumn Peach*.

Eyes, I’m keeping SUPER simple. Just bringing along my Stila In The Light Palette which you can clearly see has its fair share of dents from previous holidays. I just find this palette’s shadows stay in tact and I feel more comfortable taking this palette over something that doesn’t have external damage already. Plus, all of the shadows are versatile and are easy to work with especially if I want to look fabulous but I’m in a rush. I’m taking one eyeshadow base which is my Laura Mercier Caviar Eyeshadow Stick* In Rose Gold. If you’re oily, and you need an eyeshadow base, I cannot strongly recommend this product line enough. My eyeshadows DO. NOT. CREASE. Thank me later! Mascara wise I’m taking my L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Waterproof because it holds my curl like nothing else. The eyeliner I opted for is my Thin Lizzy Precision Liquid Eyeliner* which I actually like more than my previously loved Maybelline Master Precise.

For the brows, I’m taking my trusty Anastasia Brow Duo and Gimmie Brow in Medium Deep. Not much to say other than I love these two products. They fill in brows nicely and stay in place, the end.

Lastly, I’m taking three lip products. I wanted to have one colour of all the colours I usually reach for, if that makes sense. To me, that’s one my lips but better, one berry shade and one lighter pink. Respectively, the ones I’m taking are MAC Cosmetics Cosmo, Arbonne Lipstick in Rose* and the Covergirl Lipstick in 395 Darling Cherie*.

The next travel post coming your way will be My SOS Skincare Travel Picks.

Are you pumped for some travel content!?
Where would you love to jet set off to / where are you going shortly?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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