My Top 5 University Tips

Most of you know me as Katinalindaa the blogger. But today, I wanted to post about something a little different. To kick things off… Hi guys. I’m Katina and I’m a final year marketing student. Today’s post is filled with My Top 5 University Tips.

Over my three years of university, I’ve never really been one to go for the typical P’s get the degrees and I’ve definitely worked my butt off from day one. Not to say there’s anything wrong with just wanting passes, but my mindset of University was to make sure that I leave with atleast a distinction average. All of us are different, and that’s totally fine! Every semester I think I begin to further understand what works for me when it comes to studying and getting good results for those crazy, stressful exams. I also think that I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge about how to make the most out of your university experience. If you’re not intending to go all out and don’t want to see some crazy girl go into her crazy methods and tips, close this window now.

1+2. Work ahead and make use of all of your time
Earlier on in the semester, things are easy. You have small bits of work and think yeah, I’m loving #unilyf. Before you know it, it’s mid semester. You have tests and major assignments due. What this means is now you can’t juggle all of your ordinary notes. The key is to work ahead. Every semester I start an excel document and I outline all of the chapters that I have to read for each unit. I read and write up my summary notes then and there, going through the list week by week as early as possible. That way, by the time its week 3 and I have to start thinking about my assignments, I no longer have to waste my time making notes. This always saves me lots of time. Come SWOT VAC or the week before your exams when you typically have time off, you’ll be so calm and satisfied with your beautiful and organised notes. You can just jump in and start studying whilst everyone else is frantically trying to read and summarise 15 chapters.

3. Listen when you’re in your lectures and tutorials 
If you decide to rock up to uni for your lectures and tutorials, I’m pretty sure it’s worth your while to pay attention. There’s no point of rocking up if you’re just going to be on Facebook or Instagram the whole time. When I’m at university I always think how am I going to get the most out of this. University isn’t a cheap experience. I definitely don’t want to cruise along and miss out on some important information. Listening carefully is always worth while because you learn the areas that your tutors and lecturers really like, giving you subtle hints of what to possibly expect on the exam. Occasionally, they also drop some big hints that you’ll miss if you ain’t there.

4. Don’t be afraid to talk to your tutors or lecturers 
Going to talk tutors and lecturers can be a little daunting. You can think that some of your questions are silly and you don’t need to ask them or that they don’t want to talk to you. I was honestly so afraid of going until this year and now that I see the value I get from talking to tutors / lecturers, I regret not doing it earlier. A lot of the time it might not even be related to the course or unit you’re doing, but you’ll be surprised. If you try and network and get to know your tutors or lecturers, they’re so packed full of knowledge. You can ask them about career advice, resume help or even some tips on how to ace an interview. They are there to help you, always.

5. Don’t give up
When you work your butt off for an assignment and it comes back to you with a grade you were definitely not expecting, you can feel like it’s game over. Your semester is over. Well, let me tell you it is totally NOT OVER. The beginning of my second year I took the unit marketing law. I did awful in my individual weekly quizzes and my group assignment. I thought that my semester was as done as done could be. I could’ve given up, but I didn’t. I studied like I’ve never really studied before and when I got my results I was incredibly shocked. I some how ended up getting a distinction overall which meant I probably did preeeetty well in my exam. Moral of the story, if you get a bad mark back for an assignment – don’t give up. This links back to #4. Go and ask your tutor about why you didn’t get a higher mark and ask them about what you could have done to improve your work. It’s definitely better to be proactive than be cranky. You can then use this extra knowledge to help you in your end of semester exam and of course your fab notes from #1 & #2 are also going to help you own dat exam. By the time you get your end of semester results you’ll be thinking, what assignment?

What are your thoughts on my tips?
Also, what are your top university or college tips?


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