Benefit They’re Real Coloured Mascara and Eyeliner

Have you heard of the new Benefit They’re Real Coloured Mascara and Eyeliners? Today I cover the packaging, formula, longevity and my overall opinion of these products. I’ll also talk about removal as they are waterproof and quite difficult to remove.

For starters, let’s talk packaging. The packaging that these products come in is pretty self-explanatory from the above photo. I mean, raised box right? The external packaging of the actual mascara and eyeliners itself is something I really like, except that they are really difficult to photograph in natural lighting because of their reflective nature #beautybloggerproblems. The mascaras, in particular, feel cool to touch and both products packaging are very smooth. The internal packaging or product design features of these products is where things get a little different.

The mascara wand is quite rough and towards the tip it is slightly rounded. When you drag it through your eyelashes it has a pulling effect which in turn is supposed to nicely separate, lift and create volume. I guess this is where my review comes in. With me, I personally find this mascara to be insanely clumpy. It is also a very wet formula. If you’re used to wet formulas, then no worries. But if you prefer dryer mascara formulas, you’ll see that this stuff will go absolutely everywhere. The mascara was also a bit too heavy for my stubborn lashes and although my lashes looked incredible after application, they shortly soon after drooped.

Now, the eyeliner. This is supposed to be some sort of ingenious packaging decision and to be completely honest to sum it up – I really do not like it. The idea is great, but the execution? Not so much. When you open this product for the first time you have to wind it up a lot to bring the product to the tip of the applicator. Where the problem begins is that you cannot see any product working its way up and by the time you see some of the product, you’ve probably done to many winds already and too much of the product comes out – instant waste. This problem is definitely reoccurring this happens every time you use the product. You can try put the little orange stopper back in, but even then when, you open it the next time some excess product may have already come out whilst you’ve been storing it. What’s interesting about this product is that the formula itself is great and the angle of the applicator is great. I just think it would have been better for them to create a separate eyeliner brush and put this product in a tub – something like a gel eyeliner that you dip in and be done with. No crazy spurting out and wastage of product.

The colour pay off for the mascaras is okay, nothing special. The eyeliners however are pretty decent. The formula was smooth and relatively easy to work with, except for the blue one which you can see in the picture wasn’t as nicely swatched.

Longevity for both of these products is insane. They last an incredible amount of time colour wise, yet on my oily eyelids and skin I still get a bit of transferring or smudging. They are definitely waterproof. This leads me to my next point of how to remove this stuff!

This product is one of the most underrated products I use and I can’t understand why! It literally removes everything. It is none other than my holy grail eye makeup remover Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Makeup Remover. Definitely a mouthful. It’s super accessible here in Australia from places like Priceline, Chemist Warehouse and probably everywhere else that you can get your hands on Garnier skincare products. As you can see the eyeliners came straight off with very little rubbing – horrah for no red skin.

Wow I feel like this post has been a rant and a half. Please understand that these were my own personal opinions from usage with this product; with my skin type, eyelash type and all that jazz. I’ve heard of these products working wonders for other people, but sadly not me.

What has your experience with these products been like?
Will you be picking up any of the Benefit They’re Real line anytime soon?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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