The Best 3 Fragrances For The Cooler Months

Changing up my fragrances for different seasons is one thing I really look forward to. These are my absolute favourite fragrances to reach for when it starts getting a little chilly. Note: because I have no idea how to express what these scents actually smell like, I am using google for some scent description help.

Beckham Signature For Her is such a cheapie from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse, literally around $15 or less. This is such a cosy scent for cold weather and I think I’ve gone through 3 bottles in my lifetime and I’m currently up to my 4th. It’s a rich scent so I don’t find it appropriate in summer. It’s very ‘cosy’ to me and it smells like vanilla, soft spice, floral and google also says powdery.

Gwen Stefani Lamb was one of the first celebrity perfumes I tried and I’ve repurchased this once since. I remember wearing this perfume nearly every day during Term 2 and Term 3 here in Australia during high school and spritzing this all over my high school jumper. You know how some of your friends recognise you by scent!? Well, this is that scent! This scent is floral, fruity, sweet and ‘acquatic’ apparently. I don’t know how to explain it like I said, but it isn’t a straight up floral scent so maybe that additional factor is ‘acquatic?’

Vera Wang Princess is a very nostalgic perfume for me. When I finished high school in 2012, my family and I went on a holiday to Austria for new year to spend it with family. At the airport on the way there I realised that I forgot to pack a perfume noooooooo. But luckily for Duty Free I found this baby! I wore it every single day on that trip, out in the snow with my family. Now everytime I reach for this perfume, it brings me right back. I’ve gone through a full bottle of this perfume already and as you can see from the picture I’m in need of purchasing another bottle very very soon.

What are your favourite fragrances when the weather cools down?

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