Beauty Product Empties May 2015

Ahh the time has come to throw away all of these beauty related products. After accumulating in a bathroom drawer for a couple months, I wanted to finally show you all the products I’ve used up and give you a little run down on how these products worked for me.

The Face
Finishing the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel* x2 is honestly no surprise, is it? You all know that I’m obsessed with this stuff. Long story short, it’s amazing. It sinks in quickly, doesn’t break out my skin or make me oily. If you want to read about it more you can here.

Biore Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser* lives in my shower. I love using this product as soon as I wake up in the morning because it’s incredibly refreshing. It’s one of those face products that gives your skin a little tingle and wake up call. This product is great at removing all of the face products I’ve applied the night before and also the oil that has accumulated on my skin overnight.

Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil was the first rosehip oil that I purchased. It lasted me such a long time and if you suffer from redness or acne scarring, I honestly cannot recommend it enough. This stuff works miracles and I noticed that my deep acne scars were fading really quickly after using this product for a couple months. I haven’t repurchased this particular Rosehip Oil because I feel like they’re all the same so I just purchase one whenever I run out and pick whatever is available as long as its the proper Rosehip Oil.

The Makeup 
Now this baby is my holy grail mascara and sadly it has been discontinued / is in the process of being discontinued. Loreal’s Mega Volume Collagne 24Hour Waterproof Mascara is honestly the best mascara to have ever been on my lashes. My skin is oily = my eyelids are extremely oily = no mascaras last on my lids without transferring… Except for this! It holds my curl so beautifully and I’m honestly so upset that I wont be able to repurchase this. I might run in store asap to try and pick up a couple more before they’re completely gone.

The Body 
This was one of those products that made me sad when I hit the bottom. Lush’s The Olive Branch* is honestly the best smelling body wash I’ve ever used. It’s the perfect combination between fresh and sweet and it just feels so so so nice on the skin, It cleans your skin very well without being squeaky and I cannot wait to go back and purchase more. It’s definitely become a product that I continually want to use and now that it’s empty, I’m feeling some separation issues.

The Hair 
Bhave Rescue Shampoo* is ridiculously nostalgic. It smells like something I used to use when I was younger and I absolutely love it for that reason. But aside from that, this shampoo is ridiculously foamy and lathers perfectly. I love how clean it makes my hair and I definitely want to purchase it.One annoying thing about this product I would have to say though is the packaging. The packaging is very stubborn and it’s difficult to squeeze the product out and that makes me think that there’s still stuff in there – even though I’ve tried my best to get it all out!

What are some products that you have just finished and loved?

*Products marked with an asterisk have been provided for editorial consideration. For more information, please read my disclaimer.


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